New England Coastal Luxe Seafood with Marrow Chef Eddie Moreau
Chef Eddie Moreau

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To us, Detroit’s Marrow is whole-animal royalty. So when Chef Eddie Moreau knocked on our door wanting to change it up and bring his effortlessly brilliant New England seafood vibes to our Frame tables (we’re taking that as a huge compliment), we jumped.

The Nantucket native has been sailing amazing kitchens since he started cooking in the Cape Cod island he was raised on. From working for culinary luminaries like Chef Matt Jennings at Townsman in Boston, to becoming a chef-partner at the James Beard-nominated Central Provisions in Portland, Maine, Eddie now calls Detroit home — and we couldn’t be more infatuated.

Meet “Coastal Luxe,” as Chef Eddie brings us his New England seafood roots for two exclusive Frame nights, a testament to Chef’s deep connection with seafood purveyors back home (who he knows by name). Prepare for fresh Maine oysters, zesty sea bream ceviche, dry-aged Maine bluefin tuna, piri piri-spiced peel & eat shrimp, and Acadian rockfish with fried green tomatoes and popcorn pure (yes! popcorn puree!).

Add in skillet cornbread with sweet peaches and a deep summer wine list, and we’re going on a classic Maine road trip headed straight for the coast.

Zero frills. Quintessential New England vibes.
What a summer dream.


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Seafood “Tower”
Maine Oysters with Buttermilk, Local Cucumber, Old Bay Oil
Sea Bream Ceviche with Leche de Tigre, Shiso, Butter Lettuce, Fried Shallot
Peel & Eat Shrimp with Piri Piri, Shrimp Head & Tomato Emulsion, Chive Blossom

{ 2 }
Dry-Aged Maine Bluefin Toro

Chorizo Spice, Ajoblanco, Michigan Melon, Chilies

{ 3 }
Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster & Chanterelle Terrine, Buttered Lobster Dashi, Hijiki Seaweed, Gooseberry, Scallion

{ 4 }
Acadian Rockfish

Fried Green Tomato, Popcorn Purée, Marrow Bacon & Corn Succotash, Nasturtium

{ 5 }
Blueberry & Dulse Ice Cream

Candied Lemon, Basil

{ 6 }
Peaches & Corn

Warm Skillet Cornbread, Corn Pudding, Peaches, Anise Hyssop