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A Traditional Bosnian Feast with Hamtramck's Balkan House


A Traditional Bosnian Feast with Hamtramck's Balkan House Frame & FRAMEbar > A Traditional Bosnian Feast with Hamtramck’s Balkan House

frame presents A Traditional Bosnian Feast with Hamtramck’s Balkan House
Prepare to meet the gracious Juma Ekic, recently featured by The New York Times in an article focusing on patriotism, tradition, community, and youth — with a unifying question: What does America look like now? Juma can answer that.  She is a chef with true international perspective. Born into a Muslim family in Bosnia, life changed at age 12 after fleeing to Germany to escape the Bosnian Genocide. When the German government ordered an expulsion of the country’s Bosnian refugees, it was onto a small town outside of Frankfurt, where Juma ( now a teenager) would spend the next seven years and find the introduction to the glory of three Eastern European foods: Burek, Lepinja and Cevapi, that would change her life. Fast forward another decade (plus) and Juma has developed a laid back, Turkish-European style that’s delicate, understated and out-of-this-world delicious at her Hamtramck hot spot, Balkan House, a project which is the culmination of years spent on the road in pursuit of inspiration. We’re all going a little nuts for her Doner Kebab.  Bringing what she calls “the closest thing to her childhood family dinners,” to our frame communal tables, we further our drive to bringing back the nostalgia of The Sunday Supper, this time set the Bosnian, Balkan way.


(   welcome   ) Meza Varieties of Smoked Meat and Cheeses A traditional snack in the Balkan region


(   01   ) Homemade Trahana Soup with Fresh Veggies This soup is known as peasant soup and was mainly eaten by the poor in Medieval Europe. Today it’s known as a delicacy in the Bosnian/Balkan region.

(   02   ) Stuffed Peppers with Mash Fresh ground beef, Marinated in a special Balkan Spice Mixed in with Rice and Stuffed in Fresh Red and Yellow Peppers Served with Homemade Mashed Potatoes Lightly Seasoned with Salt and Butter


(  03  ) Sausage and Ljepina Carefully Selected Beef Ground to Perfection Seasoned with Black Pepper, Salt, and Garlic Mixed and Made into Sausages using an Old Hand Machine

The Bread is an Ottoman (Turkish) inspired style called Ljepina which was brought to the Balkans during the Ottoman rule in the 14th century Hand Made with Simple White Flour and Baked Fresh, Just for Us  

(   04   ) Burek Specially seasoned ground beef, mixed with freshly chopped onions Layered in Hand-Stretched Dough, Layer after Layer of Fresh Meat, Onions, and Dough Baked to perfection


(   a sweet finish   ) Baklava Made with layers of Filo Filled with Chopped Walnuts All Held Together with Homemade Sweet Sugar Syrup

Sunday, February 23rd 4:00pm and 7:00pm  $50 per person + tax and service fee Included: 6-courses of a Bosnian Balkan feast by Juma Ekic of The Balkan House ++ Chef is requesting no dietary changes to this menu++ Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s beverage director Bryan Lamorena ++ a-la-carte frame cocktails, wine, and beer
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