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If a Filipino meal ever needed to come with a (don’t-miss-this-one) disclaimer, this is it.
First generation Filipino American, Chef Jonathan Peregrino is pure genius with a calling card to match: Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines; Pastry Sous Chef at Detroit’s Book Tower Le Supreme and Hiroki-San; Pastry Chef at Oak and Reel; Pastry Assistant at Warda Patisserie.

Who luckily for us, is bringing his Filipino culture to the Frame tables, just in time to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month.

Gilded with traditional dishes most of us only dream of… ‘Siopao Steamed Buns with Adobo Pork’, ‘Ginisang Sayote Squash’, “Ginitaang Mais’ and ‘ Pan de Sal with Longanisa.’ This Filipino Dinner Party takes the very idea of the all-day dishes Jonathan grew up eating (both of his parents are from the Philippines) to thrilling new extremes.

As a preview to Jonathan’s hotly anticipated JP Makes and Bakes opening this summer in Detroit, we’re creating one very bustling May weekend, sharing Michigan’s diverse Asian American entrepreneurs and creatives in the realm of food and drink.

Jonathan’s stop at Frame promises to be every bit as outrageous, as this menu sounds..

Jonathan Peregrino’s All Day Filipino Menu

(( 01))
Longsilog – Pan de Sal, Longanisa. Egg

(( 02 ))
Sopas – Chicken Noodle Soup

(( 03 ))
Siopao – Steam Bun with Adobo Pork

(( 04 ))
Caldereta – Beef Stew
Ginisang Sayote – Squash with Shrimp

(( 05 ))
Ginitaang Mais – Sweet Rice
Polvoron – Shortbread
Sorbetes – Ice Cream