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Cinco de Mayo at FRAMEbar with Chef Eddie Vargas
Frame Talent: Eddie Vargus

Chef Eddie Vargas Chef Director of Operations, El Parian Hospitality


Cinco de Mayo at birriaBAR at FRAMEbar with Chef Eddie Vargas Frame & FRAMEbar > , , > Cinco de Mayo at birriaBAR at FRAMEbar with Chef Eddie Vargas

Smoked Oaxacan Old Fashioned’s. Frozen Tequila. Tremendous Tacos.
We’re pulling out all the stops for Cinco de Mayo by “Matriarch” of Mexican flavors, Chef Eddie Vargas.
While the occasion celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla, on May 5 1862 .
For us the prize right now is ; saffron horchatas, papel picado’s, pinatas, maracas and an energetic FRAMEbar making this fiesta the quintessential motivation to gather your crew.

The celebration runs late afternoon and well into the evening …. pushing culinary boundaries with plates-upon-plates of authentic rich and bold tastes. Dive into a bowl of birria or unfold a handmade corn tortilla flauta. Plus don’t skip out on Chef Eddie’s unfailingly delicious guacamole. It’s as real as it gets ~ with reimagined toppings from the likes of pastor shrimp, chapulines grasshoppers and chicken skin chicharrones.

Sombreros. Sarapes. Well-Executed Cocktails by Frame’s Celebrated Bar Team. And a Cool Interior to Boot. Our Stylish Spaces Can Host from 8 to 80. Making a Private Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, Completely All Yours. Shoot us a note here ~~ as our talented team is at the ready.


Cinco de Mayo a birriaBAR at FRAMEbar with Chef Eddie Vargas
May 5th

No pre-purchased tickets needed.
Walk-in table, bar seats and heated patio seating.
Although reservations recommended !!