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Zingerman's Cream Top Chop Cheese & Cocktail Pairing 101


Zingerman's Cream Top Chop Cheese & Cocktail Pairing 101 Frame & FRAMEbar > Zingerman’s Cream Top Chop Cheese & Cocktail Pairing 101

Frame (workshop) and Zingerman’s Present Zingerman’s Cream Top Shop Cheese & Cocktail Pairing 101

Ahead of what is shaping up to be a glorious summer season,  we are teaming up with certified resident cheese professional, Tessie Ives-Wilson from Zingerman’s Cream Top Shop for a Cheese and Cocktail Pairing 101 at frame.

With a dry sparkling hibiscus berry sorbet float in hand, plan to be guided from cheeses ranging from Parmigiano Reggiano Serena with a drizzle of 16-year balsamic vinegar to an herbal, citrus noted City Goat Cheese from Zingerman’s Creamery.

Amongst the tasting experience:

Manistique on the Grill from Zingerman’s Creamery. In the vein of brie/camembert , this soft cow’s milk cheese is wrapped in savoy cabbage leaves and aged for 3-5 weeks, resulting in a beautifully oozing cheese with floral highlights. A perfect summer alternative to baked brie, we’ll be grilling this whole on frame’s open wood find grill to warm it up and get the smokey notes working.

We’ll be comparing the differences between English- style cheddars versus American- style cheddars as well as tasting and talking through a big Stilton-style blue cheese that has mushroom, barnyard, and a fair amount of sharp to it.

A alcoholic pairing by Zingerman’s and the frame bar will accompany each cheese tasting experience along with a sweet send off of Cherry Cream Cheese Gelato and Zingerman’s graham crackers.

Zingerman’s cheese will be available for purchase after the workshop.

Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00pm

$80 / person plus tax and service fee.

Included: Dry sparkling hibiscus berry sorbet float welcome cocktail. Small alcoholic pairing to accompany each cheese tasting experience. 2-hour cheese instruction, tasting and how-to by Zingerman’s Cream Top Shop

Additional: Wine, Beer and frame cocktails

Each Class is limited to 20 students #framehazelpark #frameworkshop @zingermansatframe

On sale now.