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frame presents We Are La Cocina Book Dinner Mexi Arab Heritage with Executive Director of La Cocina Caleb Zigas and San Francisco Chefs Dayana Salazar of El Huarache Loco and Lamees Dabhour of Mama Lamees  
Taking inspiration from women of immigrant communities (the moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriends, and grandmas) who never seem to stop moving. This La Cocina Book dinner is for those of us who’ve watched someone they love to put everything they have into a business and bask in the glory of their commitment and dedication come to life. Since 2005, San Francisco’s Mission District kitchen incubator, La Cocina, has helped women, just like San Fransisco’s Dayana Salazar (Chef and Daughter of El Huarache Loco) and Lamees Dabhour (Chef and Owner of Mama Lamees) grow their small-scale food operations into thriving businesses and restaurants. A brain-child born out of the belief that a community of talented natural entrepreneurs, given the right resources, can create self-sufficient businesses to benefit themselves, their families and their communities. We welcome from San Francisco, two of La Cocina’s shining stars, who will bring their seemingly disparate cuisines and stories into frame’s shared space. A Mexi-Arab feast that puts the lie to borders and brings their markedly distinct heritages directly to our tables.  Chef Lamees of Palestinian origin, born and raised in Kuwait; Chef Dayana from the Distrito Federal of Mexico City. Ojala, in Spanish, means I hope. It’s rooted in the Arab word, Inshallah, in God we hope. The Arab influence on Mexican cuisine is inescapable, from Al Pastor to the more obvious Tacos Arabes. Prepare to be inspired by these women using their talent through food to pursue economic freedom. We certainly are.
MENU ( 01 ) CONTEMPORARY CHIPS, DIPS, TIME FOR CONVERSATION Salsa Verde, Salsa Borracha, Hummus and Mutabbal with Local Tortilla + Pita Chips ( 02 ) FAMILY STYLE SALADS Fattoush Salad Ensalada de Nopales ( 03 ) LA TAQUIZA GLOBAL La Taquiza Global, Inshallah Homemade corn tortillas, warm local pita Samak Mashwe Bilforn, Kuwaiti baked fish Arabic Salad Tinga de pollo, chicken braised with onions and chipotle Calabcitas a la Mexicana, braised local squashes with Mexican spices Sauces and Salsas Rice and Beans Two Ways: Mexican and Mujaddara ( 04 ) DESSERT Kneifeh Biljibneh
Sunday, July 28th 4pm and 7pm seatings $55 + tax and service fee Included: An authentic Mexi-Arab dinner by San Francisco’s Dayana Salazar of El Huarache Loco and Lamees Dabhour of Mama Lamees. Additional: The just-released book, We Are La Cocina. Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream by Chronicle Books, which documents over 40 stories from immigrant women and 120 of their recipes for you to create at home. Chefs Salazar and Dabhur will be signing personal copies at the end of each seating. ++ a la carte beer, wine, and a summer frame cocktail list
Tickets on sale now.