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Next up >> We welcome Chef Jermond Booze (Detroit Food Academy) for a Sunday devoted to his mother, whom he endearingly called Mama as a young child; where family dinner was a long-standing date at home in Little Rock Arkansas

It’s one of those Frame traditions we adore, where chefs create communal family dinners based on their grandmother’s recipes passed down from generations before them. Dishes from a chef’s childhood offer reassurance that family recipes have staying power…. ‘lemon and grits ice box pie with smoked pecan crumble’ proves that nostalgia on a plate always wins.

Bringing new vibes to our Sunday Frame Dinner Table, snag your mothers, mamas, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, multiple generations of friends, and those “extended” family members in your life who yearn to connect around the table, love a good time and reap the benefits of a few drinks…in that Sunday sort of way.

Personality is at the heart of this Sunday experience, Where there is no hassle, no fuss, all delicious.
And most importantly, no dishes…and…Oh, and no family drama!


{{  welcome to unwind  }}
Puff Puff with Smoked White Fish Moose

{{  first  }}
Jollof Arancini

{{  second  }}
Curry Corn Bisque
with Tempura Okra Fries

{{  third  }}
Berbere-Spiced Garlic Shrimp
Avocados, Apple Slaw

{{  fourth  }}
Suya-Braised Beef Cheeks 
Sweet Potato Pancake. Chermoula Honey

{{  and last but not least  }}
Lemon and Grits Ice Box Pie
Smoked Pecan Crumble