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Matt Grushky

Head Bartender Matt Grushky Head Bartender FRAMEbar


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Gather ’round, ghouls and ghosts, as we conjure up some spooky sips with FRAMEbar’s very own potion master, Matt Grushky.

As the moonlight gleams and shadows dance, prepare to embark on a playful journey of mixology, crafting seasonal mocktails that can be spiked for that extra kick.

Don your favorite Halloween costumes if you so please and join us in the eerie atmosphere, perfect for brewing up mischievous potions. Under Matt’s guidance, you’ll delve into the art and science of creating spine-tingling drinks, drawing inspiration from the magic of the season. Together, we’ll hollow out apples to turn them into vessels for your concoctions. And you’ll get to try your hand at a candy corn cocktail complete with orange sprinkles.

Over two hours, get ready to create, laugh, and indulge in the dark arts of mixology. After all, who needs mere tricks when Matt’s treats promise such a bewitching time?