Matt Tulpa's Summer Feast with Stone Coop Farm


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frame presents A Summer Feast (5 courses and 3 desserts) with Chef Matt Tulpa and Stone Coop Farm
Matt Tulpa has decided to spoil you with a summer feast!  A summer harvest in collaboration with Stone Coop Farms with all ingredients at their peak.
MENU At the table Savory cookie with blueberries, country ham, juniper, and spruce tips Salad bouquets with oyster dressing Kale beignets with tomato honey, brewar’s yeast, and parmesan Herb and stilton financiers with fresh currant chutney Next Zucchini and Cucumber with lots of greens, artichoke hummus, and a dressing made from bone marrow Next Creamy Tomato Rice with nasturtium vinaigrette, early tomatoes, curry leaf oil, and green almond curry Next Potato Glazed with Chinese XO & OX sauce, chanterelle mushrooms, sorrel hollandaise, cress Next Smoked Pork with tomatillo and nori jam, oysters, and dark rye bread dumplings Last Fava Bean Ice Cream with nasturtium panade, tomato honey, bee pollen, kale chip, candied flowers Last Malted Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with caramelized grapenuts, whiskey caramel, caramel and candy cap mushroom mousse Last Freezer Pop Rhubarb, strawberry, rose, and sichuan peppercorn “sangria” freezer pop
Saturday, July 21st 6:00pm and 9:00pm $50 / person + tax and service fee Included: 5 Summer Courses and 3 Desserts by Matt Tulpa Additional: Summer Beers, Wine and frame Cocktails Gratuity very much appreciated Please let us know upon checkout of food allergies and party seating arrangements. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate. Thanks for understanding!
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