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A Like Felt New Year


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frame (residencies) presents AN ENCORE PERFORMANCE for LIKE FELT with Craig Lieckfelt of Guns and Butter

We are adding two limited seatings for a very special New Years Eve with Craig Lieckfelt.  There will be a few surprises and the second seating will go on after the ball drops!

This is a sort of homecoming for Chef Craig Lieckfelt. You may remember him from his constantly sold out pop up series Guns and Butter. Maybe you saw him on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. I heard he was running a restaurant in Tokyo and doing pop-ups in IndiaSure, all those things are amazing, he has plenty to brag about, but Craig just wants to keep it simple. Homecoming simple. He wants to return to where he came from.  He wants his food to tell his story.  I’m ready to listen.

 Sorry you missed it!