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Modern Korean New Year with Chef Mike Han


Modern Korean New Year with Chef Mike Han Frame & FRAMEbar > Modern Korean New Year with Chef Mike Han

frame presents Modern Korean New Year with Chef Mike Han
Coming to frame for an early January residency it’s only fitting that Chef Mike Han is creating a Modern Korean New Year’s dinner party centered around traditional foods that are not only crazy delicious but also symbolically important to good health and long life, representing a clean start to the beginning of the New Year. Pulling his inspiration from Korean flavors using Japanese techniques and his rare natural admiration for sustainable seafood, we’ll feast on 5 Korean courses including the traditional Korean New Year’s soup … tteokguk (떡국) made with thinly sliced white rice cakes and handmade dumplings. Ancient tradition tells us that spoon-fulls of this beef bone broth grants good luck and a year of wisdom. Who can’t sip on that opportunity?


(   01   ) Daeji Gogi Kimchi Pajun Pork and Kimchi Pancake

(   02   ) Hwe-Indiana Farm-Raised Tilapia Sashimi Ike Jime Bled and Aged 

(   03   ) Beoseos Gimbap Korean Style Maki with Detroit Mushrooms, Black Garlic Soy, Rice, and Seaweed

( 04 ) Hwe Dup Bap Skuna Bay Salmon, Crispy East Coast Squid, West Coast Albacore Tuna, Greens, Rice, Spicy Gochujang Sauce

(    05   ) Traditional Korean New Year’s Soup Beef Bone Broth, Rice Cakes, Handmade Dumplings

(   06   ) Fresh Fruit After the Meal  A semi sweet palate cleanser

Friday, January 3rd 5:30pm and 8:30pm  $65 per person + tax and service fee Included: 5 Korean Courses by Chef Mike Han plus traditional fresh fruit to be served after the meal Chef is kindly requesting no dietary modifications to the menu Additional: A beverage pairing by frame’s resident wine director and sommelier, Bryan Lamorena. ++ a la- carte beer, wine, and frame cocktails.
Tickets on sale now.
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