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A Korean Buddhist Dinner with Chef Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim


A Korean Buddhist Dinner with Chef Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim Frame & FRAMEbar > A Korean Buddhist Dinner with Chef Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim

frame presents A Korean Buddhist Dinner with Zingermans’ Chef Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim Korean Restaurant
Meet Ji Hye Kim, chef and founder of contemporary Korean hot spot Miss Kim in Ann Arbor, partnered with Zingerman’s. This overly-passionate chef grew up in Seoul, South Korea and is obsessed with serenity, meditation, the finer points of fermentation and Korean Buddhist cuisine. Kim says her love for food began at a young age when her mother made her homemade Korean food from scratch. “My mother didn’t teach me how to cook,” she says. “What she taught was to recognize good food because she fed me good food.” The Miss Kim project is the culmination of years experimenting with her favorite childhood dishes, the pursuit of inspiration and the imagination to partner with Zingermans founders Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig. Miss Kim’s secret weapon: her personal collection of ancient Korean culinary texts. Fast forward and here we are together at frame: with a creative Miss Kim menu reinterpreting Korean Buddhist cuisine, foraged and fermented flavor, using seasonal ingredients and traditional Korean products. The tastes and sensations, accompanied by extraordinary Korean cocktails are every bit as good as they sound in the menu below. The Buddhist philosophy of this dinner is that when you cook, you must cook with the same care, love and tenderness as a parent might for a child. Simply put: your belly and heart will leave nourished on every level after this frame experience.
MENU {{ Amuse }} Trio of Buddhist Chips Lotus Roots, Sweet Potatoes, Seaweed {{ Soup }} Creamy Potato Jook with Sansho Peppercorn {{ Salad }} Spicy Greens in Tomato and Plum Vinaigrette {{ Entree }} Buddhist Bibimbob with Whole Grains, Mushrooms, Local Vegetables, Gochujang Served with White Napa Cabbage Kimchi with Yellow Peppers, Assorted Pickled Vegetables Option to add at checkout: Soft egg, Chicken and Pork Belly {{ Dessert }} Soy Milk Pudding with Seasonal Fruit Compote
Friday and Saturday, September 7th and 8th 6:00pm and 9:00pm seatings $65 / person + tax and service fee Included: An amazing Korean Buddhist Dinner that can be prepared vegan if so desired. Also, the meal is prepared wheat free (other than the soy sauce/soy paste and chili paste that use wheat as a starter) If you are celiac, please let us know in the questions upon checkout and we can accommodate. Additional: Beer, Wine and Miss Kim Cocktails prepared special for the evening. Option to add at checkout: Soft egg, Chicken, and Pork Belly Service fee takes care our staff’s living wage and fees associated with hosting dinners at frame. Gratuity is not included in the ticket price and is always welcome and appreciated.
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