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Komodo Kitchen Rijsttafel Dinner Kit Experience (frame@home Wednesdays)


Komodo Kitchen Rijsttafel Dinner Kit Experience (frame@home Wednesdays) Frame & FRAMEbar > Komodo Kitchen Rijsttafel Dinner Kit Experience (frame@home Wednesdays)

frame (@ home) presents Komodo Kitchen Rijsttafel Indonesian Dinner Kits by Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen  
As we continue to curate our weekly chef-driven dinner boxes …we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen back into the fold for our “next up” frame@home box with Indonesian Rijsttafel Dinner Kits. Local, seasonal, progressive, and hand-crafted to the core, Gina’s uncompromisingly approach to influential Indonesian cuisine has won her a legion of frame fans, developing a laid back style that’s delicate, understated, and out-of-this-world delicious. Please meet this art of next-level carry out: a frame@home dinner box to create the sensual Komodo Kitchen dining experience in the comfort of your own home! No cooking necessary with this kit: you’ll start by activating your senses with the included jasmine incense, tea light candle, fresh orchids, and coconut oil treated banana leaf. Then dive into 9 dishes prepared in the frame kitchen; each element packaged individually, including a pandan tea palate cleanser and Komodo’s signature pandan & ylang ylang infused hand towel to refresh between courses! Think rendang beef slowly braised in coconut and spices from Sumatra Island. Glass noodles with Indonesian aromatics. Floral Jasmine tea with pandan infused syrup. Jasmine rice with turmeric. And a sweet tangy ending made with mango, jicama, cayenne spiced tamarind, and crushed balinese peanuts. Two Wednesdays in October for frame@home pick up’s behind our building or a pick-up spot off of Woodward in Birmingham. Choose the standard or vegan option at checkout, pair a carafe of cocktails by frame’s mixtress Jazmine Weaver or a bottle o vino from the frame cellar handpicked by Bryan Lamorena —  and Wednesday — we really adore you. Ding-Dong. Dinner Is Done. School and work schedules are all looking a tad bit different now, so here’s to: frame@home where there is no hassle, no fuss, all delicious. and most importantly, no dishes.
(frame @ home Wednesdays) Indonesian Rijsttafel Dinner Kits by Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen $55 (kit is per person)  Add on cocktail carafes and wine from frame bar to round out your weeknights by Bryan Lamorena and Jaz’min Weaver Pick Up October October 7th and October 21st Pick-up times 5:30pm and 7:30pm behind our building Pick-up time is 6:15pm at a Woodward location in Birmingham. Please stay in your car and our team will bring your frame@home box(es) out to you.

Rijsttafel Dinner Kits ** choose traditional or vegan at checkout **

{activate your senses + create the ambiance } Jasmine Incense Tea Light Candle Fresh Orchid Coconut Oil Treated Banana Leaf

{ start } Sate Tahu Cantik Tofu & Cucumber Ribbon Skewers Chili & Shallots Dipping Sauce Fresh Lime Wedges

{ cleanse your palate } Teh Pandan Floral Jasmine Tea Pandan Infused Syrup

{ eat your greens } Gado Gado Lightly Steamed Vegetables Shrimp Crackers Piquant Peanut Dressing

{ Rijsttafel, the main jewel } Sambel Goreng Kentang Roasted Potato, Sator Beans, Red Chili, Coconut

Soun Goreng glass noodles with Indonesian spices and aromatics

Telor Balado Boiled Egg braised in Chili Chutney

Rendang Beef slowly braised in Coconut, Exotic Herbs & Spices from Sumatra Island

Nasi Kuning Jasmine Rice Steamed in Bananas Leaves, Turmeric & Aromatics

Acar Pickled Carrots & Cucumber

Bawang Goreng Fried Shallots

Sambal Bajak Indonesian Chili Paste

 { intermezzo to refresh } Elap Tangan Kenanga Pandan & Ylang Ylang Infused Hand Towel

{ a sweet & tangy ending} Rujak Buah Pineapple, Mango, Jicama, Cayenne Spiced Tamarind Arenga Palm Sauce, Crushed Balinese Peanuts

Covid Protocols at frame As we make our way into October please know that our response plan includes every measure of the protocol on workplace infection-control practice and health and safety training for both dine-in and carry out. We’re continuing to keep extremely conscious of the role we play in minimizing the spread of coronavirus. Pre-Covid canceled frame tickets: If you have a frame credit that you would like to use for a frame@home box please email us here and we will happily honor your credit. Give the gift of frame @ home!  Forget sending flowers! Be that friend and send Indonesian food and drinks! Make someone’s night really easy and delicious by clicking HERE
On Sale Now for October 7th frame @ home Experience. The October 21st Komodo frame @ home Experience will be available on September 21st!