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Immune-Boosting Soups Workshop with Meiko Krishok of Pink Flamingo


Immune-Boosting Soups Workshop with Meiko Krishok of Pink Flamingo Frame & FRAMEbar > , , > Immune-Boosting Soups Workshop with Meiko Krishok of Pink Flamingo

frame (academy) presents Immune-Boosting Soups Workshop with Meiko Krishok of Pink Flamingo Detroit We’ve always seen cooking for oneself as the most basic form of self-care – but beyond the benefits to our bodies, we often overlook the benefits to our souls, restoring our spirit and replenishing our vital energy sources. Meet Meiko Krishok of Guerrilla Foods, who uses food as medicine as her medium when she heads to frame to teach two immune-boosting soup workshops to nourish our bodies and keep us healthy all winter long. By day, Meiko serves locally sourced farm-to-table meals on Thursday evenings in North Corktown via Pink Flamingo and her latest hit venture Pink Flamingo To Go  serves farm-to-table carryout in Detroit’s Palmer Park neighborhood. Bringing her integral multifaceted work to our open kitchen, Meiko will teach us step-by-step how to make nutritious, healing broths and soups. We’ll be making a mushroom, white pepper + ginger soup, a potent garlic broth that can be used as a base for just about anything, and a Korean seaweed soup called miyeok gook, high in protein, iron and other essential minerals. Using as many local growers as possible including Brother Nature Produce, Fisheye Farms, GEM farmers (Grow Eastern Market), Detroit Mushroom Factory and Holtz Farm, you’ll leave these workshops with an arsenal of skills giving your body exactly what it’s asking for. 2020 we are ready to feel soooo good!
January 22nd & March 11th 6:30pm $65 per person + tax and service fee Each workshop is limited to 20 guests Included: A two-hour Food As Medicine workshop held by Meiko Krishok of Guerrilla Foods, recipes, Q & A time and SOUP! Additional: ++ ala carte, beer, wine, frame cocktails.
Tickets on sale now.
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