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Handmade Pasta Workshop with Chef Gabriel Botezan
Gabriel Botezan

Chef Gabriel Botezan Chef Detroit


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Unravel the culinary mysteries of Italy without ever leaving town as you spend an evening with former Bacco Ristorante Frame-favorite Chef Gabriel Botezan.

Watch as Gabe transforms simple ingredients into sheets of golden pasta dough, setting the stage for you to sculpt and slice, turning dough into delicious strands of spaghetti, fettuccine, and more.

As your hands dance with the dough, be enticed by tantalizing tasting portions served throughout the workshop. Experience firsthand the rich flavors and textures of different pasta variations, each a testament to Chef Gabriel’s culinary prowess.

But the evening doesn’t end when the pasta is plated. To ensure your handmade pasta creations shine at home, Gabe has prepared a generous gift: take home quarts of his signature sauce, each batch infused with passion and tradition.

With our workshops nestled comfortably between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, there’s ample time to complement your pasta adventure with a meal. Let FRAMEbar, our relaxed dining counterpart, be your go-to for dinner or drinks, either as a prelude or a delightful conclusion to your Italian escapade.