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Gabriel Botezan

Chef Gabriel Botezan Chef Detroit


'Gabe of Thrones': A Feast for the Realm with Chef Gabriel Botezan Frame & FRAMEbar > , , > ‘Gabe of Thrones’: A Feast for the Realm with Chef Gabriel Botezan

Don your finest robes or furs and come celebrate the spirit of the Seven Kingdoms with our Game of Thrones-inspired feast. Spaces at the Great Hall are as coveted as the Iron Throne itself!

Journey to the heart of our Westeros-inspired kitchen as a guest of Chef Gabriel of House Botezan, First of His Name, Tamer of Flames, Sovereign of Sauces, and Wild Game Whisperer. Once a culinary maestro in the grand kitchens of King’s Landing, Chef Gabe has conquered tastes from the icy terrains of the North to the rare spices of the Summer Islands.

In homage to the land of direwolves and dragons, Chef Gabe and his council of chefs are curating a royal banquet at Frame’s Great Hall. Kick off your feast with elk tartare inspired by the nomadic Dothraki culture. Venture next to Winterfell for a traditional head cheese with mustard as sharp as King Joffrey’s executioner’s blade. Sample the original Arya Stark delicacy known as “Frey Pie,” before tucking into the Dornish main course: tender lamb shoulder with eggplant, dates, and a cool yogurt sauce. And what awaits as dessert? No less than dragon eggs, served with a side of spiced Valrhona dark chocolate sauce for extra decadence.

Our Maester Sommelier Diego Aliste has assembled a curated wine pairing covering the breadth of Westeros, from the crisp whites of the Reach to the rich reds of the Vale. Fancy a spirit? Frame’s resident alchemist Adam Accivatti is brewing unique concoctions inspired by distant Qarth and its mysterious warlocks. A variety of ales and non-alcoholic brews are also on offer for a refreshing respite.

A feast of unparalleled opulence awaits…


{ 1 }
Dothraki Tartare
Elk, Beetroot, Lavash

{ 2 }
Stark Head Cheese
Mustard, Toast

{ 3 }
Frey Pie
Rabbit, Mixed Vegetables, Secrets

{ 4 }
Dornish Lamb
Lamb Shoulder, Eggplant, Date, Yogurt Sauce

{ 5 }
Dragon Egg Cream Puff
Black Craquelin Choux, Whipped Vanilla, Red Fruit, Spiced Valrhona Dark Chocolate