Elevating Cocktails - INFUSIONS & FAT WASHING
Adam Accivatti

Head Bartender Adam Accivatti Head Bartender Frame


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Dive headfirst into the alchemic world of next-level mixology with Frame’s Head Bartender Adam Accivatti, who’s remixing classic cocktails with modern techniques for that unexpected extra.

Ever thought an Old Fashioned could pack more punch? Adam’s brown butter-washed bourbon is here to prove it can. And for those who think gin’s not for them, get ready to be blown away by a Collins-style cocktail jacked up with tea-infused gin. If patience isn’t your virtue, Adam’s also got you covered with lightning-fast infusions via rapid iSi. In two hours together, you’ll learn two advanced techniques that will open up a whole new world of beverage possibilities.

This session is all about embracing the raw, unfiltered ethos of Adam’s approach — prioritizing vibrant flavors, uncompromising clarity, and bold aesthetics. It’s a clarion call to all cocktail rebels: if you’re itching to level-up your game and shake things up, this is where your evolution begins.

Let’s get mixing, shall we?

Workshops run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
So if you’re looking to make a full evening of it, we recommend dinner and drinks at FRAMEbar, our more casual side, before or after class.