Head Bartender Adam Accivatti


Adam Accivatti

Clinton Township native Adam Accivatti is no stranger to the world of food and drink.

His initial foray into the hospitality scene began humbly at a family-owned catering company, and the invaluable experiences gained during those formative years were instrumental in shaping Adam’s future.

From catering events in his youth to bartending weddings, his trajectory led him to stints at spots like Detroit’s Traffic Jam & Snug and Rock City Eatery.

Having been baptized in Detroit’s spirited atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Adam decided to call it home for eight crucial years, right from the tender age of 18. Here, not only did he hone his bartending prowess, but also pursued an academic stint in mechanical engineering at Wayne State. But the allure of the bar, with its endless potential for creativity and connection, beckoned him away from traditional lecture halls.

In May 2021, Frame welcomed Adam into its fold during the unforgettable Star Wars dinner. His penchant for experimentation, paired with a laser-focused execution, set him apart. Be it the intricate process of emulsification, the art of ice cutting, or the nuance of clarifications, Adam’s craftsmanship is evident in every pour.

While he doesn’t have a favorite cocktail to make – always ready to craft anything that’s requested – he personally leans towards any variation of the Negroni or the Last Word when it’s time to unwind.

2022 marked both his move to Hazel Park and his ascension as Frame’s Head Bartender.

Driven by a thirst for innovation, he continuously challenges himself, crafting two or three unique menus weekly. This insatiable drive to bring something distinct to the bar every week, combined with his determination to step out, learn, and evolve, is what makes Adam a perfect fit for Frame’s rotating concept.

Adam’s vision for Frame is lucid: a sanctuary for the culinary curious. A place where guests, much like himself, can relish in the unexpected. He believes in the magic of Frame, a space where diners trust the team to tantalize their palates with every creation.

As he deftly mixes, stirs, and pours, what Adam offers is more than just a cocktail. It’s a symphony of flavors, a journey of innovation, and a testament to his commitment to continuously pushing boundaries, both in the glass and beyond.

Follow Frame Head Bartender Adam Accivatti on Instagram: @imbibicide