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frame presents eater young guns Eater Young Guns Eat + Drink Week with chef experiences from Trigg Brown // of Win Son – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Deuki Hong and Suzi An // with Koreatown – San Francisco, California / Seattle, Washington Jacob Harth // of Erizo – Portland, Oregon Maya Lovelace // of Yonder – Portland, Oregon 
Our inspiration for frame’s Eater Young Guns Eat + Drink Week is simple. When our team isn’t getting creative with our favorite chefs; we’re traveling to meet them to line-up our next roll call of guest chef residencies.  So with that, we said, what if we were able to work side by side for 4 consecutive nights with the people from our favorite cities right here at frame. The result for August? An Eat + Drink Week with Experiences by Eater’s Young Gun Chefs from Brooklyn, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Add to that bespoke wines chosen by our resident sommelier Bryan Lamorena, cocktails paired with each menu from our in-house mixologist Tim Avery, A Soju Experience by Seattle’s Suzi An… and we have a week that’s all about amazing cooking (Taiwanese, Korean, Southern and Sustainable Seafood), Young Guns chef friends working together in the kitchen and shared experiences from one frame table to the next.
About Eater Young Guns Winners: The Eater editors seek out the best and the brightest new restaurant industry talent to induct into each year’s class of Eater Young Guns. Their goal is to identify restaurant and bar world newcomers (Young Guns must be under 30 or in the industry for under five years) who are sure to be future stars and leaders in their fields. These Young Guns winners are forward-thinking and deeply devoted to their craft.  They’re going to keep growing, inspiring, and challenging others, and we’re excited to be a part of the industry change as they blaze new trails. Learn more about the winners on
Wednesday, August 14th 5:30pm and 8:30pm Taiwanese WIN SON Dinner By Trigg Brown, of Win Son, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Class of 2017 Eater Young Guns A vegetarian option is available at checkout for this Taiwanese Dinner Taiwanese Win Son Dinner – RESERVE HERE Thursday, August 15th 5:30pm and 8:30pm KOREATOWN experience by Deuki Hong of Koreatown, San Francisco Class of 2015 Eater Young Guns + A Soju Experience pairing by Suzi An of Seattle, Washington Class of 2017 Eater Young Guns A vegetarian option is available at checkout for this Koreatown feast Koreatown Experience Dinner – RESERVE HERE Friday, August 16th 5:30pm and 8:30pm Pacific Coast Seafood Dinner by Jacob Harth of Erizo. Portland, Oregon Class of 2019 Eater Young Guns A pescatarian option is available at checkout for This Erizo Seafood Experience. Pacific Coast Seafood Dinner – RESERVE HERE  Saturday, August 17th 5:30pm and 8:30pm Southern Delights Experience by Maya Lovelace of Yonder Portland, Oregon Class of 2016 Eater Young Guns Southern Delights – RESERVE HERE 
Eater Young Guns Eat + Drink Week August 14th – 18th Included: 2-hour dinner experiences each evening with time spent with each Young Guns chef +  Custom seasonal menus by Trigg Brown of Win Son, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Deuki Hong, of Koreatown, San Francisco; Jacob Harth, of Erizo. Portland, Oregon; and Maya Lovelace of Yonder, Portland, Oregon. Additional: wine and cocktail pairings for each dinner ++ ala carte beer, wine and frame cocktails Add On: Koreatown by Deuki Hong. A The New York Times bestseller and one of the most praised Korean cookbooks of all time by Clarkson Potter. + Deuki will be signing copies of the book on Thursday, Aug 15th.
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Tickets on sale now! Details & Reservations for each day’s event below: Wednesday, August 14th – Taiwanese Dinner Thursday, August 15th – Koreatown Experience Dinner Friday, August 16th – Pacific Coast Seafood Dinner Saturday, August 17th – Southern Delights Dinner