Day of the Dead Bar with Chef Eddie Vargas
Frame Talent: Eddie Vargus

Chef Eddie Vargas Chef Director of Operations, El Parian Hospitality


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Welcome to our grownup ofrenda – where we are seizing The Day (of the Dead) with a month-long celebration honoring Mexico’s culture and heritage by the bold and irreverent Chef Eddie Vargas, as we transform into DAY of the DEADbar. (Día De LaMuertosBAR)

Leaving ‘no gravestone unturned’ cue hundreds of orange marigolds, calaveras (Mexican skulls), and our very own multi-layered altar honoring the dead.

Fully staying in the spirit, plan on a show-stopping bar takeover of thematic potions by Frame’s mega-talent, Matt Grushky, Adam Accivatti, and Diego Aliste alongside a hella delicious shared plates menu of traditional celebratory Mexican recipes.

Plan on a flavourful feast of Guajillo-braised beef birria, enchiladas de mole Oaxaca, shrimp aguachile verde, ceviche veracruzano and tostada flautas, just to get started.

Spine-tingling tunes. Devilishly great food. Hauntingly good liquid treats.
Meet us at FRAMEbar for one helluva-spirited October.

After all, Halloween isn’t just about creepy ghouls and goblins.

We’re bringing this immersive pop-up from October 4th to 5 de Noviembre.

Doubling down on the excitement…mark your calendars for a special not-to-miss
Day of the Dead Mexican Brunch on Sunday, October 15th.

Walk-in table, heated patio, and bar seats available. Reservations recommended.
We think of these residencies as month-long parties, hand-selected by us, for you.

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DAY of the DEADbar
October 4 – November 5

Izquitl Elote
Roasted Sweet Corn, Ancho Mayo, Poblano Peppers,
Red Onion, Cotija, Chile Martajado 

Ensalada de Jicama 
Granny Smith, Jicama, Napa Cabbage,
Candied Pecans, Tamarindo Vinaigrette

Avocados from Mexico, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Cilantro,
Roasted Poblano Peppers, Elote, Salsa Macha 
++ Add Ons ++
Pork Belly Chicharrones

Guisado de Nopales 
Tender Cactus, Onion, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Cottage Fries,
Salsa Ranchera, Salsa Macha

Ceviche Veracruzano
Atlantic Salmon, Tomatillo, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion,
Cucumber, Mango Citrus Chile Arbol Sauce, Avocado

Shrimp Aguachile Verde
Shrimp, Serrano, Cucumber, Cilantro, Red Onion, Avocado 

Ceviche Platter
Shrimp Aguachile Verde & Ceviche Veracruzano 
Tostada flautas, Salsa Macha, Salsa Huichol 
Habanero Onions, Ancho Mayo, Cucumbers 

Tacos Gobernador
Shrimp, Chipotle, Queso Chihuahua, Avocado, Pan-Fried Corn Tortilla,
Jicama Cabbage Slaw, Tomatillo Crema

Chiles en Nogada De Puebla
Green Poblano Peppers stuffed with Shredded Beef, Apple Peaches,
Pears, Walnuts, Almond Pecan Cream Sauce, and Finished with Pomegranates

Enchiladas de Mole Oaxaca
Queso Fresco, Tomatoes, Onion, Queso Chihuahua,
Crema, Plantain Chips, Sesame Seeds

Pozole Rojo
Holiday Soup, Pork, Hominy, Cabbage, Onion, Tostada, Salsa Macha

Birria Platter
A Vargas Family Recipe
Guajillo-braised Beef, Hiajillo Chile Sauce

Churros con Cajeta
Avocado Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche, Cinnamon Fireworks

Flan de Calabaza
Custard, Caramel, Pumpkin, Pepitas


DAY of the DEAD Brunch
Sunday, October 15th

Concha French Toast
Concha, Dulce de Leche, Horchata Crema

Huevos Rancheros
Crispy Tortilla, Fried Eggs, Salsa Ranchera, Frijoles Negros, Huitclacoche

Enchiladas de Mole Oaxaca
Queso Fresco, Tomatoes Onion,
Queso Chihuahua, Crema, Fried Eggs

Birria Chilaquiles
Fried Tortilla, Salsa Guajillo, Onion, Jalapeños, Cilantro,
Salsa Macha, Queso Fresco, Crema

Birria en Caldo
Vargas Recipe, Beef Stew, Guajillo Chile Sauce 

Tostadas de Nopales con Rajas 
Crispy Tortilla Black Beans, Huitlacoche,
Poblano Pepper Stuffed with Beef Chile en Nogada Style Pecan Cream Sauce,
and Pomegranate