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Curry Workshop with Coriander Kitchen's Alison Heeres


Curry Workshop with Coriander Kitchen's Alison Heeres Frame & FRAMEbar > Curry Workshop with Coriander Kitchen’s Alison Heeres

frame (academy) presents A Curry Workshop with Coriander Kitchen’s Alison Heeres
Join us for our first of-the-season frame academy workshop with Coriander Kitchen‘s Alison Heeres. In just a couple of hours you’ll learn how to cook home-made Asian and Indian curry paste with creativity and spontaneity led entirely by the beautiful ingredients of the fall’s farm abundance. You’ll step out of your comfort zone and learn to build flavors and improvise in a truly intuitive manner while mastering the tips and tricks of toasting, grinding and pounding the warming flavors of India and Thailand into versatile pastes. Plus how to properly preserve your curries  in the freezer for quick amazing dinners. Meaning you’ll be ready no matter who comes your way. Coriander Farms grows herbs, vegetables, and flowers with organic methods in the heart of Detroit, so Chef Alison is the perfect gal to spend an evening with talking flavor, texture and bumping up your culinary confidence ; all things curry.

We adore this workshop so much we are hosting Alison for two Wednesday nights, October 2nd & November 20th. Workshops include all materials and are limited to 20 students each.

Two Dates to choose from Wednesday, October 2 Wednesday, November 20 6:30pm $60 per person + tax and service fee Each workshop is limited to 20 guests Included: A two-hour Curry workshop held by Coriander Kitchen’s Alison Heeres, snacks during the class and your pastes to take home. Recipes and Q & A time. Additional: Beer, Wine, frame cocktails
Tickets on sale now. While we are so grateful it’s still warm and sunny, we know the inevitable winter is…coming. Whether you’re looking to book a casual company strolling happy hour, a frame (academy) workshop for team-building or a groovy DJ with a seated chef dinner experience with paired wines and cocktails, we’ve got you covered with a frame holiday entertaining private experience, curated just for you.