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An East African Dinner (Baobab Fare Preview)


An East African Dinner (Baobab Fare Preview) Frame & FRAMEbar > An East African Dinner (Baobab Fare Preview)

frame presents An East African Dinner with Baobab Fare (preview) and Hamissi Mamba and Nadia Nijimbere
At frame, we’re humbled and so looking forward to gathering around our tables for a culturally rich East African dinner experience led by Hamissi Mamba and Nadia Nijimbere. The Burundian refuges join us after fleeing political violence in Burundi just a few short years ago. With a mission to make a name for themselves, Southwest Detroit’s Freedom House was called home while seeking asylum. They spent a few years there finding comfort, learning the English language and sharpening their skills. Ready to push further and deepen their cultural roots in Detroit, the husband and wife team presented their boundary-pushing food and drink to the 2017 Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest, presented by Bedrock, a vehicle to champion independent  businesses through funding, education, exposure and mentoring. An instant hit, their creative East African menu and innate pursuit earned them first prize (from more than 160 entries) and the support to open East African cookery, Baobab Fare in New Center, arriving later this year. Fall in love with this beautiful couple (like we did) and join us for an authentic and comforting culinary journey and experience Baobab Fare. Remember their names. There’s a wealth of detail to learn from this couple: Above all, entrepreneurship is possible to all of us; the refugee and immigrant community alike. Soulful music, smokey cocktails, and carefully curated dishes await. Let’s gather around the table and celebrate our incredible community. Choose Standard or a Vegan option upon checkout.
MENU {{ On the Table }} Karanga (V) (Roasted Peanuts)  {{ Soup }} Supu and Chapati (V) (Soup and Flat Bread)  Served optionally with busenda {{ Entree One }} Mboga (Spinach with Peanuts and Smoked Turkey) Served with East African Pilau Rice (Spiced Rice) or Mboga (V) (Spinach with Peanuts)  Served with East African Pilau Rice (Spiced Rice) {{ Entree Two }} Mcuzi (Beef Stew) Served with Mzuzu (African Fried Plantains) or Nyanya and Maharage (V) (Eggplant Stew and Yellow Beans) Served with Mzuzu (African Fried Plantains) {{ Dessert }} Fruit salad (V) Mango, Small Banana, Pineapple in a Passion Fruit Juice Served with Mandazi, African Donuts
Saturday, September 22nd 6:00pm and 9:00pm $45 / person + tax and service fee Included: A Baobab Fare African Dinner (Choose Standard or Vegan) Time spent with Hamissi Mamba and Nadia Nijimbere before their Baobab Fare Debut Additional: Beer, Wine and Cocktails prepared special for the evening
Tickets on Sale Thursday, August 30th at Noon. Be Ready!