Chefs Gabriel & Gabriela Botezan

Romanian Chefs

Gaberial and Gaberiala Botezan

To the vibrant culinary landscape, a dynamic husband and wife duo bring their passion for food, family, and their Romanian roots. Gabriel and Gabriela Botezan’s journey began oceans apart, but their love for food and each other has intertwined their destinies in a way that can only be described as serendipitous.

Gabriel’s culinary adventure started in his native Bucharest, peeling onions and helping prep at his uncle’s resort on the Black Sea.

“That’s where I fell in love with food,” he recalls.

After moving to the United States in 2001, he found his way into the fine dining scene, working at various restaurants in Sioux Falls, Port Sanilac, and eventually Detroit.

Gabriela, or Gabby, as she is affectionately known, came to the US in 2006 after living in Venice, Italy, for four years. Self-taught in the art of pastries, she discovered her passion while pregnant with their first daughter.

“It just came from wanting to do something and not just sit around,” she says. “And it was nagging me: pastries, pastries. I really went for it, and before we knew it, we were in it.”

With a natural talent for pastry-making and a love for challenges, Gabby quickly found her place in the culinary world.

The two met through mutual friends at a birthday party, and their connection was instant. Married in 2013, they now have two beautiful daughters who share their parents’ love for food – especially when daddy makes steak and crispy broccolini.

Gabriel’s culinary journey has seen him rise from a pasta chef at Bacco in 2012 to a sous chef in 2013. He then left in 2018 to focus on private events, dinners, and weddings, further honing his craft.

Together, the couple has created a unique culinary experience that combines their Old World European roots with their love for each other and their family. “I feel like what we do portrays us,” Gabby says. “We complete each other in some sense.”

Their dream is to eventually own a place where they can host events and run a specialty bakery, all while maintaining the close-knit family life they cherish.

As dining event specialists, they bring their story and unique touch to every dish they create, whether it’s through their previous Frame and FRAMEbar residencies like TAPASbar, DRACULA Bar channeling Transylvania, or their upcoming bar ITALIA residency.

The Botezans don’t just offer their guests a meal – they offer a memorable experience that reflects their love for food, family, and their heritage.

“This is us,” Gabby adds. “We hope you like it.”