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Chef Petr Balcarovsky

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Czech-born and bred Chef Petr Balcarovsky breathes and eats all things Viking.
Trained in the culinary arts in Europe, Chef Petr’s love for the region’s cuisine runs deep, as he brings a wildly refined winter Viking tasting menu to Frame for two remarkable February nights. Quench your thirst by drinking mead and amphora-fermented wine as you drool over this next-up Frame winter dinner party with a strong focus on Nordic ingredients, alongside warm and convivial traditional Finnish recipes.
Think: medieval “postej” beef terrine pie, pear coriander tart, hazelnut praline, foie gras of the Norse, Skagen sauce, forest juniper berries, raw honey gelato, farina and spelt flatbread.
This is Icelandic heritage cuisine as Frame has never seen it before.

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One Intimate Seating. Each Night

Viking Menu

Amuse Bouche 
Foie Gras of the Norse, Cranberry “Jewel” 

The Villager’s Egg 
Farm-to-Table Egg, Gift of the Seas Smoked Trout Roe,
Rose Water, Orange Essence 

Sailor’s Green Gold Soup 
Spinach, Toasted Cream, Nutmeg, Farina, Spelt Flat Bread 

Watercress Clay Bowl
with Smoked Panther Cap-Like Mushroom Oil
Inspired by Magic Mushroom Nutrients for the Warriors
Watercress, Juniper Berry, Pear, Hazelnut Praline, Butterkase,
Smoked Panther Cap-Like Oil, Lemon Juice

Medieval “Postej” Pie*
Beef Terrine in a Pie Vessel, Chef’s Blaand (Whey Wine) Zip Sauce

Tangerine-Dill Sorbet to Cleanse Your Palate

Cedar Plank Salmon
Stout Oats with Capers, Skagen Sauce, Tomato Confit 

Honey Tasting Trio
Raw Honey Gelato, Chocolate Spear with Toasted Rye Berries
Mead Tickled Forest Berries, Honey Pearls
Pear Coriander Honey Tart