Vietnamese Tasting Table by Carlos Salazar


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frame presents A Vietnamese Tasting Table with Food & Wine’s Best New Chef Great Lakes Contender Carlos Salazar
frame is channeling a Vietnamese vibe with Food & Wine’s Best New Chef Great Lakes Contender, Chef Carlos Salazar of Indianapolis.  Expanding the Mid-West food scene with boldly flavored Asian street food that was once hard to find outside of L.A and New York, Carlos brings frame a tasting table with flavors inspired by the street-food stalls in Asia and the Philippines. Inspiration: Filipino influence with the tomato salad,  Japanese with the raw dumplings, Thai from the sour sausage, and Vietnamese with the pork floss. Come hungry. Carlos can’t wait to feed you.
Menu  { 1st } Tomato Salad / Watermelon / Salted Duck Egg / Calamansi / Pickled Red Onion / Radish / Pea Shoots { 2nd } Raw Dumplings with Sushi Fluke wrapped in jicama / sweet cicely root vinegar / Shoyu An Sauce / Chestnuts / Balichao oil { 3rd } Fermented Thai Sour Sausage / Crispy Rice / Fish Sauce Caramel / Shallots / Herbs { 4th } Lacquered Fischer Farm Beef Belly / Fermented Cane Vinegar Syrup / Swiss Chard / Ramp Kimchi / Daikon Radish { 5th } Pork floss sticky buns / Orange / Walnuts / Szechuan
Friday, August 2nd 5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings $60 per person + tax and service fee Included: A two-hour 5-course meal by Chef Carlos Salazar of Rook, Indianapolis  Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s resident wine director and sommelier, Bryan Lamorena ++ beer, wine, and summer cocktails.
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