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Viet-Chinese BBQ with Chicago Chef Charles Wong of UMAMICUE
Chef Charles Wong of UMAMICUE

Chef-Owner Charles Wong Chef-Owner Umamicue


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With the echo of Chicago’s bustling food scene in the air, Frame welcomes super talent Chef Charles Wong, the creator of the adored Windy City pop-up Umamicue.

Known for his unique blend of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines with American barbecue techniques, Wong is bringing his smoky, umami-packed magic to Hazel Park for an unforgettable Umamicue takeover.

A food adventure that started in Austin, Texas, at the renowned Franklin Barbecue left an indelible mark on Chef Charles. Inspired by Franklin’s famed smoked meats, Chef Charles left his finance job and started his culinary journey, creating Umamicue in 2016 as a passion project that soon became a full-time venture. Umamicue’s inventive creations (think: smoked brisket egg rolls, shaking beef sausage, and smoked crab rangoon) quickly turned heads and won hearts in Chicago’s food circles. Now, he’s taking over the Frame kitchen to introduce us to his unique take on BBQ across two unique nights.

Get ready for a fusion of flavors like no other, where traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes meet the rich, smoky profile of American BBQ. Think: melt-in-your-mouth brisket, spiced to perfection and slow-cooked until it’s irresistibly tender, shaking up your banh mi game. Or shattering crispy pork belly, rendered to perfection. Or smoked crab rangoon, where delicate crab meat and cream cheese get a hint of the BBQ pit before being nestled in a crispy, golden wonton shell. And don’t worry, BBQ purists, the Umamicue special — smoked prime brisket that sells out time after time in Chicago — will feature proudly both nights.

Experience the buzz that’s been sweeping through Chicago.
Grab your besties and a couple of spots at our shared Umamicue table before the smoke clears!


{ Amuse }
Smoked Beef Dinosaur Rib
Steamed Rice Noodles, Scallion Oil, Pickled Carrot & Daikon, Lettuce, Nuoc Cham

{ Apps }
Smoked Crab Rangoon
Smoked Cream Cheese, Lump Crab, Scallion, Sweet Chili
Brisket Egg Roll
Prime Brisket, Carrot, Glass Noodle, Onion, Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce

{ Main }
Smoked Prime Brisket
Crispy Duroc Pork Belly
Smash Cucumber
Nuoc Cham Potato Salad
White Rice

{ Dessert }
Vietnamese Coffee Pudding