Veganuary Superfoods with Meiko Krishok of GUERRILLA FOOD

Jan 27th

frame (@ home Wednesdays)
Veganuary Superfood Dinner Kits
Meiko Krishok

We made it : the weather has evidently grown colder and the skies a bit darker; so we owe it to ourselves to listen to and support our bodies even more. They posses the amazing ability to heal themselves, yet we constantly put them through so much.

Come the second week of this month / Veganuary @ frame hits with chef, purveyor and healer Meiko Krishok of Guerrilla Foods joining us in the frame kitchen to provide us with self-love in the most basic form; home cooking.

Meiko asks : how can we tune in, listen to what are our bodies are really asking for, and act consciously to rejuvenate ourselves and maintain our vitality.

Her answer: food as medicine. Providing food that nourishes the body and soul, restores the spirit and replenishes our vital energy sources.
The result here is everything you could possibly want to blow away the cobwebs on 2020 and start a-new.

Well-Being and Booze! Count Us In. Ding-Dong. Dinner Is Done. Here’s to frame@home where there is no hassle, no fuss, all delicious. and most importantly, no dishes.

(frame @ home Wednesdays)
Vegan Dinner Kits by Meiko Krishok of GUERRILLA FOOD
Handmade fresh and comes with heating and plating instructions.
Please find both a vegan and standard option at checkout, to meet the dietary needs of our full frame-family.

Menu – Week #1 January 13th 

Make-Your-Own Fresh Rolls
Rice Paper Wrappers and Fillings of
Roasted Oyster Mushrooms
Brown Sugar and Garlic Tofu
(or Pulled Pork for the Meat Lovers)
Sticky Ginger + Onion Paste
Lettuce + Fresh Herbs

Winter Salad
Ingredients based on Meiko’s January Seasonal Ingredients.
we must let Mother Nature do her work, so Meiko can do her’s

Winter Stew
Vegan Doenjang Jigae

tofu, mushrooms and fermented soybean paste
or for the carnivore set …
Korean Brisket and Doenjang Jigae

Meyer Lemon and Passionfruit Bar
coconut-oat-pistachio base with creamy citrusy filling (contains nuts)


Menu – Week #2 January 27th 

Make-Your-Own Fresh Rolls
Rice Paper Wrappers and Fillings of
miso-roasted winter squash
or curry shrimp
bean thread noodles
crunchy carrots + cabbage
lettuce + fresh herbs

Winter Salad
Ingredients based on Meiko’s January Seasonal Ingredients.
we must let Mother Nature do her work, so Meiko can do he

Winter Stew
Soondubu Jijgae

soft tofu stew with pork and seasonal vegetables
**or please choose vegan, for the vegan winter stew**

Meyer Lemon and Passionfruit Bar
coconut-oat-pistachio base with creamy citrusy filling (contains nuts)

**Chef is asking for no substitutions please on either menu, with option for traditional or vegan at checkout  **

(frame @ home Wednesdays)
Vegan Dinner Kits Meiko Krishok of GUERRILLA FOOD
$35 per person 

Pick Ups Wednesday, January 13th and January 27th.
Please choose vegetarian or standard at check out. 

Pick-up times 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm behind our building
Pick-up time is 6:15 pm at a Woodward location in Birmingham.
Please stay in your car, and our team will bring your frame@home box(es) out to you.

Add on cocktail carafes and wine from frame bar to round out your Wednesday nights by Bryan Lamorena and Jaz’min Weaver

Included: A creative plant-proficient Wednesday night dinner from the kitchen and hands of Meiko Krishok … with carnivorus options at checkout for the meat eaters in our frame family. 

Covid Protocols at frame
As we make our way into January please know that our response plan includes every measure of the protocol on workplace infection-control practice and health and safety training for both yurt dining and frame@home chef dinners. We’re continuing to keep extremely conscious of the role we play in minimizing the spread of coronavirus.

Pre-Covid canceled frame tickets:
If you have a frame credit that you would like to use for a frame@home box please email us here and we will happily honor your credit.

Give the gift of frame @ home! 
Forget sending flowers! Be that friend and send Winter Comfort Food and Drinks! Make someone’s night really healthy, easy and delicious by clicking HERE

On sale now for both January 13th and 27th Pickups!

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What are people saying?

Mark Kurlyandchik, Detroit Free Press

“The vibe at the Frame dinners also reflected the personalities of the chefs, who were able to interact with guests and offer stories about their food memories while cooking rustic dishes without the same expectations that come with their respective restaurants. The food was predictably great and unpretentious, but the series also highlighted the growing importance of personality and storytelling to the modern dining experience.”

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