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Upper Peninsula Fish House with Lake Superior's Vanlandschoot & Sons Fishery

Purveyors VanLandschoot & Sons Fishery Purveyors VanLandschoot & Sons Fishery


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You can’t have a conversation about Upper Peninsula gastronomy without mentioning Lake Superior whitefish. And you can’t mention Michigan’s Lake Superior whitefish without “The First Family of Fish,” VanLandschoot & Sons, who have been fishing the pristine waters near Munising for over 100 years.

 It was here (where our creative director shot this photo) on a recent northern Michigan fishing trip that we hopped on a fishing boat with the third generation of this fine fishing family and lured them in for our next Frame experience.

Prepare to meet chef Jason Biega from Munising’s fine dining staple, Tracey’s at Roam Inn. Chef Jason & crew are making the trek downstate to treat us to an early October Sunday supper to soak up a feast based on the season’s last Lake Superior Munising Bay whitefish.

Read on and drool over this next up Frame fall menu.

We’re talking homemade pasties with local grass-fed bison, smoked whitefish ravioli, potato chip-crusted whitefish with harvest kimchi, and vintage maple bumpy cake for dessert, all honoring the finest purveyors of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


{{ 01 }}
Acorn, Mushroom Conserva, Betula

{{ 02 }}
Smoked Whitefish, Swede, Pistachio

{{ 03 }}
Bison Oxtail, Beet Ketchup, Carrot Butter

{{ 04 }}
Last Of The Munising Bay Whitefish
Potato Chip Crust, Harvest Kimchi, Ham Hock Potato  

{{ 05 }}
Vintage Maple Bumpy
Black Walnut, Thimbleberry, White Coffee

This menu Is dotted with some very special U.P specialty partners
VanLandschoot & Sons
Debacker Dairy
Lucas Langstaff
Seeds & Spores
The Jam Lady
Case Country Farm
Circle K Ranch
Gallery Coffee Co.
Rock River Maple
Full Plate Farm