Sustainable Yurt Dining with Chef Neal Murakami & Mixtress Jaz'min Weaver

Oct 29th - Nov 1st

Sustainable Dining
Chef Neal Murakami
Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver
frame’s Winter Home
the yurts @ frame
socially distanced inside @ frame
frame @ home

Taking our first fall creative twist of socially distanced dining experiences, we’re opening frame’s Winter Home….outside dining in luxurious heated yurts with chalet decor, taking cues from the season ahead.  

The last few months of the patio@frame have been beyond lovely, however, it’s soon time to head inside to our winter dwellings, and we can’t wait for you to experience the beauty and peacefulness of winter-long yurt dining @ frame…safe culinary experiences in spectacular natural yurts; find solitude in your pod with an appreciation for curated food and drink by our frame team.

Come our next residency, frame’s winter home will start with Zero Waste Dining with Chef Neal Murakami and Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver, booking parties of six to dine in our new frame format; preserving the uniqueness of the frame experience while staying extremely conscious of the role we play in minimizing the spread of coronavirus. 

Plan on a five-course tasting menu designed with the bin in mind and the entire supply chain at that; from farm-to-fork-to glass-producing zero waste. A “waste not, want not” ethos is the core of this collaborative dinner between kitchen and bar. This praiseworthy mission is driven by former executive sous chef of Forest in Birmingham, Neal Murakami, lauded as a finalist in  Zagat’s 30 Under 30’s epic national list honoring young exceptional hospitality professionals in major markets all over the country.

Here, even our “useless” scraps: vegetable trimmings, orange peels and pulp: are given a second life, recycling elements of each course into garnishes, alternative ingredients, and more. Contemporary kitchen and bar practices allow for Neal and Jaz’min to repurpose, reimagine and innovate.

Applying this ethos to determine their menu right down to how they source their ingredients, Neal and Jaz’min exemplify the power and unlimited potential of zero waste dining.

Choose Traditional or Vegetarian 

(  01  )
Potato Dashi
Potato Croquette in Kataifi, Salt Cod

**vegetarian **
Potato Dashi
Potato Soup with Kaitafi

(  02  )
Beef & Beet Tartare
Smoked Egg Vin, Nori, Mache, Potato Crisp

 **vegetarian **
Beet Tartare
Smoked Egg Vin, Nori, Mache, Potato Crisp

(  03  )
Slow Roast Salmon
Celery Root Espuma, Baby Bok Choy, Dill

**vegetarian **
Fried Bok Choy
Celery Root Espuma, Dill

(  04  )
Fall Lamb
Squash Mustard, Chinese Broccoli, Fermented Bean

**vegetarian **
Squash Mustard, Chinese Broccoli, Pesto

(  05  )
Orange Basil Saverin

Orange Gellee, Cheesecake Ganache

++   Chef is requesting no dietary changes other than vegetarian option ++

Option #1 (the yurts @ frame)
parties booked for 6 guests per yurt
$55 per person + tax and service fee

Oct. 29th, Thursday – 5:30pm & 8:30pm
Oct. 30, Friday –  5:30pm & 8:30pm
Oct. 31st, Saturday – 5:30pm & 8:30pm
Nov. 1st, Sunday – 6:00pm

5 Gorgeous Late Fall Forward Courses by Chef Neal Murakami.
Choose vegetarian at checkout.

A Perfectly Paired Cocktail Pairing by frame’s cocktail mixtress Jazmine Weaver.
++ a-la-carte beer, wine, and cocktails

Option #2 (inside @ frame)
socially distanced inside seating @ frame
parties of 2 to 8
$55 per person + tax and service fee

5 Gorgeous Late Fall Forward Courses by Chef Neal Murakami.
Choose vegetarian at checkout.

A Perfectly Paired Cocktail Pairing by frame’s cocktail mixtress Jazmine Weaver.
++ a-la-carte beer, wine, and cocktails

Option #3 (frame @ home)
$55 per person + tax and service fee
Pick-up time at 7:30pm per evening (limited availability)

5 Gorgeous Late Fall Forward Courses by Chef Neal Murakami.
Choose vegetarian at checkout.

Paired Retail Wine for frame @ home
Cocktail Carafes for frame @ home

Pre-Covid canceled frame tickets:
If you have a frame credit that you would like to use for this experience please email us here and we will happily honor your credit.

Covid Protocols at frame
Please know that our response plan includes every measure of the protocol on workplace infection-control practice and health and safety training for both dine-in and carry out. Masks are required when entering our yurts, inside @ frame, and walking around the building but can be taken off once seated.

Booking Holiday Dinners in the yurts@ frame
We will be booking holiday reservations for the yurts@frame for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve.  Inquire on dates for corporate or personal holiday dinners in the yurts HERE
Yurt Dining will run from late October 2020 until late April 2021.

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Tickets on Sale Now.

Please choose:

the frame dining room (sold singularly for 1-8 guests)
The yurts @ frame (one price for up to 6 guests)

frame@home for this dinner will be available shortly.

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“Tried out frame as part of the ‘grandma’s basement series’ with Chef James (Mabel Gray) and Chef John (Grey Ghost). Our Italian Family Dinner was delicious! Enjoyed every course (which kept coming). Best meatballs I’ve ever had!! Love the idea of home Cookin with a little flare, shared Family style with strangers. A wonderful evening!”

What are people saying?

Mark Kurlyandchik, Detroit Free Press

“The vibe at the Frame dinners also reflected the personalities of the chefs, who were able to interact with guests and offer stories about their food memories while cooking rustic dishes without the same expectations that come with their respective restaurants. The food was predictably great and unpretentious, but the series also highlighted the growing importance of personality and storytelling to the modern dining experience.”

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