A South Jakarta Noodle House with Komodo Kitchen


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frame presents A South Jakarta Noodle House with Komodo Kitchen and Gina Onyx
Paying homage to the noodle houses throughout Indonesia, Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen focuses this frame experience on her cult-favorite noodle house in Melawai, South Jakarta, part of the cosmopolitan city where she grew up, which she explains now, as a rather voguish neighborhood. Gina conveys an image of this famed 1970’s Jakarta noodle house, which serves more than 30,000 customers a day, as “a true Mum and Pop noodle house, where students gather for after school snacks and families share weekend meals.” Taking over the frame space, tweaking the details, menu, music, and decor, Gina is bringing us precisely this; a South Jakarta Style Noodle House. Transporting the authentic flavors ubiquitous in Indonesian cities, found in restaurants, street-side food stalls, traveling carts and bicycle vendors to our Sunday dinner tables, at frame.
MENU crudités kerupuk // shrimp crackers acar // pickled vegetables saos kacang // piquant peanut sauce sambel kecap // dragon’s kiss hot sauce + starter // siomay udang steamed shrimp dumplings – cabbage – peanut sauce – sriracha – lime + palate cleanser // teh pandan pandan –  jasmine – palm sugar – tea + main // mie ayam jamur wonton noodle – chicken ragout – mushroom – quail eggs braised in aromatics chili chutney – asian greens – fried shallots – chicken bone broth – green scallions + sweet ending // “mouthwash” pencuci mulut // rujak nanas es krim kelapa pineapple skewer – arenga palm syrup – pandan – cayenne lime zest – crushed balinese peanuts – coconut ice cream vegetarian and vegan option available at checkout CHEF’S NOTE: gluten-free noodles are an option for those with gluten-free lifestyles as we will use rice noodle or spaghetti squash. However, if anyone is deadly allergic to gluten, we can’t guarantee that there is no trace of gluten in the kitchen and imported based ingredients as the natural preservatives.
March 10, 2019 4:00pm and 7:00pm $55 per person + tax and service fee Included: A traditional 5 course Jakarta / Indonesian meal by Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen Additional: Beer, wine and Indonesian inspired cocktails
Tickets on sale now.