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LA's Roving Dinner Series, 'Slow Burn', comes to Frame
Andy Doubrava and Tiffani Ortiz

Chefs Andy Doubrava and Tiffani Ortiz Chefs Slow Burn


LA's Traveling 'Slow Burn' Surprise Tasting Menu comes to Frame Frame & FRAMEbar > > LA’s Traveling ‘Slow Burn’ Surprise Tasting Menu comes to Frame

Pop-up iconoclasts, LA-based chefs Andy Doubrava and Tiffani Ortiz, helmed kitchens for more than a decade in a myriad of Michelin-starred restaurants, from the likes of Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon and Montana’s Campione Roman Kitchen. Burnt out from the grind, this chef couple, who met at the French Culinary Institute, have left the stationary kitchen for a nomadic lifestyle and now serve their signature style of eclectic, heartfelt flavor bombs, as traveling restaurant, We Are Slow Burn, with a series of impossible-to-book residencies.

Forging their own path, popping up around the world with a succession of stunning tasting menus that reflect their unique style, set alight. Strictly collaborating with places that match their vibe (and we’re taking that as a huge compliment), Tiffani and Andy join us at Frame with a menu celebrating the bounty of autumn. Taking inspiration from their travels, the pair creates innovative menus using strictly what’s in season: pickling, smoking, dehydrating, creating long-term misos, vinegars, charcuterie, and other means of preservation.

Traveling with tour stops, ranging from casual concepts to 18-course tasting menus, from Nashville to Philly, Virginia and NY. Heading to Milkweed Inn in the U.P as you read this ~ and then to our shared tables.

We’re hyped to be giving you a taste of California’s favorite new mash-up right here.
This menu is a true chef’s tasting, meaning chefs will rely on November seasonal ingredients and this menu will not be able to be published this far in advance.

We simply must be patient.
And let Mother Nature do her work, so Andy and Tiffani can do theirs.