Reveillon Dinner at Frame


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A Réveillon dinner (REV-ee-on) by Chefs Michael Moeller (Shelby Detroit) and Brenna Welch (pastry chef at Rose’s Fine Food and Wine, pre-pandemic) typifies everything we crave about the feelings of togetherness, good cheer, and celebrating culinary traditions from the world.

The word “Reveillon”(in French, New Orleans’ original language) means “awakening,  dating back to the early 1800s.
In context: a big family meal to reawaken the senses and celebrate the joys of the season with a feast of epicurean proportions.

Which is exactly what next up frame chefs in residence are bringing us in juxtaposition: their style combines the philosophy of classical French cuisine with a love for big New Orleans texture and flavor.
Working in well-regarded kitchens in New Orleans before moving to Detroit in 2019,
here for this one-night-only frame experience, chefs are using their creative genius and techniques to share dishes they don’t get to do in their home kitchens.

Prepare To Fall in Love with Michael & Brenna and Meet Réveillon:
Pork Cracklin with Apple Kimchi. Oyster Stew. Orange a la Duck with Cognac Sauce and Fennel Tarragon Oil.

Grab your besties…this is the holidays at frame, done New Orleans style.