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Ramadan Iftar Feast Amanda Saab
Amanda Saab

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In honor of Ramadan, join us as we immerse ourselves in a one-night-only celebratory sunset Iftar dinner by Frame-favorite food influencer Amanda Saab.

Named as one of the Top 100 Women in Food by Cherry Bombe magazine, written about in the New York Times for her grandmother’s floral-scented cake, and taken notice by The Washington Post for her series “Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor,” Amanda’s deep connection to her Lebanese culture has shaped her approach to food and storytelling. It’s no surprise that America has fallen in love with Dearborn’s own, thanks in part to two impressive runs on separate seasons of Fox’s MasterChef.

So we’re thrilled to share Amanda’s passion for culture through the flavors and traditional customs of Iftar — the fast-breaking sunset feast that happens every night during Ramadan — with a sumptuous spread of carefully selected dishes and a refreshing, entirely alcohol-free bar offering lovingly curated by Frame’s resident mixtress Jaz’min Weaver.

Enjoy Amanda’s elevated takes on traditional Lebanese staples like kibbe nayeh and stuffed grape leaves, plus Moroccan-spiced cod with crispy red potatoes and spicy cilantro hot sauce, filet mignon with Middle Eastern fixings, and sumptuous brown butter knafeh for dessert. (And a few surprises you’ll have to experience in person!)

Gather with family and friends to share in the spirit of this holy month as we come together to break the fast. Or just enjoy exquisite Lebanese delights for one very memorable evening of cultural and culinary adventure.
This Meal Is Meant For Everyone!

Amanda Saab’s Ramadan Iftar Menu

[ 1 ]
Kibbe Nayeh

Raw Beef, Bulgur, Cumin

[ 2 ]
Sawrabat Adas

Lentil Soup, Turmeric, Lemon, Fried Pita

[ 3 ]
Warak Enab

Grape Leaves, Rice, Herbs, Garlic Yogurt

[ 4 ]
Moroccan-Spiced Fish

Ras El Hanout-Rubbed Cod, Crispy Red Potatoes, Spicy Cilantro Shatta

[ 5 ]

Filet Mignon, Carrots, Whipped Feta, Dates

[ 6 ]
Brown Butter Knafeh
Shredded Phyllo, Mozzarella, Rose Water, Pistachio