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Chef Amanda Saab

Amanda's Plate

Amanda Saab

Amanda Saab is a first-generation Lebanese American chef, blogger, and food influencer known for her creative and culturally-inspired dishes. The Michigan-based chef draws on her heritage and family traditions to create unique and flavorful recipes that pack a serious punch, many of which are featured on her popular blog, Amanda’s Plate.

You might recognize Saab from her appearances on Fox’s MasterChef, where she wowed Gordon Ramsay and the other judges with her bold flavors and innovative dishes. She even returned to the show for a second time in 2020, competing against other former contestants and showing off her skills once again.

“Life is about taking chances, making sacrifices and embracing every part of the journey on your way to fulfilling your dreams!” Saab says. “I truly believe that with God, patience and a strong support system, you can do anything!”

When she’s not dominating the kitchen, Saab is a passionate advocate for her community. In 2015, she broke boundaries by becoming the first female chef to wear a hijab on a primetime television cooking show, and organized a “Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor” series shortly thereafter to promote empathy and understanding across cultures. A social worker by trade, Saab initially used cooking as a way to deal with the stresses of the job, but now sees it as a platform to promote the connection between food and well-being.

Saab’s approach to cooking is all about authenticity and creativity. She sees food as a way to connect people across cultures and promote understanding and compassion in the world. Whether she’s cooking up a traditional Lebanese dish or putting her own spin on a classic recipe, Saab always brings her A-game to the table.

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