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Growing up amidst the rustic charm of rural Thailand, Ann Arbor’s brightest gem of a talent, Chef Nam is stirring up some serious buzz ~ transporting us straight to the bustling late-night canteen of Bangkok’s own.
We’re talking seriously tasty Thai drinking food laden with spices from small producers in Thailand.
Experience : ‘Moo Ping’ a coveted street food dialed up here on the luxury dial (‘moo’ = pork + ‘ping’ = grilled). ‘Golden Crispy Rice Salad’ so satisfying you’ll be scraping every last kernel. And a wildly clever spin on ‘Coconut Milk Curry Fish with Kaffir Lime and Chili.’

Completely irresistible, Frame’s Diego Aliste and Adam Accivatti have a playful bar takeover in precisely the same spirit.
The remarkable neon-bright Bangkok flavors will have your lips tingling.
Wildly authentic Thai food, at its very best. Dozens of candles and the vibey-est of beats.

Grab your besties. This is Bangkok, done Frame-style.


{{  welcome  }}
Golden Pouch 
Chicken and Shrimp

Crispy Spring Rolls
Mix of Vegetables
Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

{{  next  }}
Moo Ping
Thai-Style Marinated Grilled Pork Skewers, Pickled Veggies

Chicken Satay 
Peanut Sauce, Cucumber Vinaigrette

{{  with  }}
Golden Crispy Rice Salad 
Crispy Rice, Fresh Veggies, Cucumber, Ginger, Onion,
Carrot, Apple, Crispy Rice Sauce

{{  and then  }}
Thai Spicy Cod Curry 
 Icelandic Cod, Coconut Milk, Curry, Kaffir Lime, Chill

{{  finally  }}
Mango Sticky Rice 
Sticky Rice, Coconut Milk, Fresh Mango, Coconut Cream