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Modern Vegan Freya Detroit
Phoebe Zimmerman

Chef Phoebe Zimmerman Chef Freya


Modern Vegan with Chef Phoebe Zimmerman of Freya Detroit Frame & FRAMEbar > > Modern Vegan with Chef Phoebe Zimmerman of Freya Detroit

You’re going to love Phoebe Zimmerman.

Nestled alongside hospitality heavyweights Sandy Levine and executive chef Doug Hewitt (both also of Detroit’s Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails), Freya Detroit’s chef de cuisine is bringing a rocking plant-based dinner to Frame in the middle of Pride Month with an approach we can definitely get behind.

Plates like Thai tofu with coconut broth and kimchi, sesame squash confit with chili crisp and crispy rice, and smoked mushroom with leek ash and huckleberry utilize Michigan’s vast agriculture network, supporting local farms while creating interesting and delicious dishes from the heart. 

Sundays are simply one of Frame’s most treasured food days of the week. It’s a day traditionally dedicated to rest and connection — which for us means a nutrient-rich feast alongside minimal intervention wines and some of our all-time favorite cocktails. (Did we mention Phoebe’s coconut cake with toasted coconut and caramel for dessert?)

All served thoughtfully and with the utmost care. Snag your seats now. You can thank us later. 


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English Pea Croquette
Black Garlic, Lemon, Horseradish

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Sesame Squash Confit 
Sesame, Chili Crisp, Crispy Rice 

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Smoked Mushroom 
Trumpet, Leek Ash, Huckleberry

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Thai Tofu 
Coconut Broth, Kimchi Foam, Ferments, Peanut

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Coconut Cake 
Coconut Caramel, Toasted Coconut, Berry