A Modern Czech Feast with Chef Petr Balcarovsky
Chef Petr Balcarovsky

Chef Petr Balcarovsky Chef Royal Eagle


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Get ready, Frame fam…
Ever since Chef Petr Balcarovsky took us on an epic food adventure with his Viking-themed Frame dinner party last winter, we’ve been waiting for his triumphant return.
The wait is over! Our favorite Czech-born culinary wizard is back and ready to rock our communal tables with a modern Czech feast, channeling a bustling summer evening in Prague, spun from his Bohemian-Moravian roots.

Chef Petr will be serving an enticing new menu created especially for the occasion, packed with creative, Czech-rooted bangers such as topinka with rabbit paté and apricot gel, wedding-style pork belly roast with marrow jus & apple-horseradish and Carlsbad dumplings, plus Bohemian-inspired cocktails and enough Czech beer to keep the drinks flowing like the Vltava River.

Rally your Kamarádi.

This is a Frame-styled Czech dinner party at its confident best…
We can’t wait for another taste. 


Rabbit Paté, Rye Disk, Crackling, Apricot Gel, Marjoram Oil

Kulajda Soup
Champignon, Cream, Potatoes, Allspice, Egg, Fresh Dill

Housemade Noodles, Czech-Style Cured Ham Au Gratin, Pickle Foam

Vepřo Knedlo Zelo
Wedding-Style Pork Belly Roast, Carlsbad Dumpling, Sauerkraut Puree
w/Marrow Jus & Apple-Horseradish

Prune Butter, Streusel, Farmer’s Cheese Béchamel, Rum-Cured Golden Raisins

++ Chef is kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu++