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Chef Meiko Krishok Chef Pink Flamingo


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Inspired by the creative breath where food, music and experience overlap, next up at mix.tapeBAR comes chef Meiko Krishok (Pink Flamingo Detroit) weaving her dual Korean and Italian cultures into one effing tasty week. Backed by one of Ryan Patrick Hooper‘s most respected one-off playlists to date.

Completely playful spins unique to Meiko’s FRAMEbar menu, crafting a wildly-cool gathering space for us to come together over Korean spirits, banchan platters, and a love for Korean culture.

THINK Delicate Wild Spring Green Pancakes laced with Alliums and Toasted Sesame. Seared Spicy Pork Belly and Grilled Branzino served with Shared Homemade Banchan…and the most Lucid Example of Korean-Italian fusion comes in the form of Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Gochujang Butter Sauce and Gorgonzola.  

Exploring the relationship between food and music has never been more interesting, dynamic or diverse. Aptly timed to highlight Meiko’s Korean culture, as we continue to celebrate AAPI Month with our bounty of Frame-favorite Asian American creatives in the realm of food and drink.

mix.tapeBAR (at FRAMEbar)
Discover off-the-radar Music
Meet the people curating this Perfect Vibe
4 Weeks of the Ultimate Chef Flex
Backed by Ryan Patrick Hooper’s Mix
Underground Eighties Music + R&B + Hip-Hop + Detroit’s Electro House.

mix.tapeBAR (at FRAMEbar)
Korean Italian
by Chef Meiko Krishok of Pink Flamingo

Wild Spring Greens Pancake
Alliums, Toasted Sesame Oil

Sweet Potato GnocchI
Gochujang Butter Sauce, Gorgonzola

Lettuce Wraps
Grilled Branzino and/or Grilled Spicy Pork Belly
with Banchan

Barley Risotto
Asparagus, Mushrooms, Soy Sauce, House-Made Kimchee

Shaved Asparagus Salad

Rice Balls

Olive Oil Cake
Rhubarb, Black Sesame

May 29 – June 2nd
mix.tapeBAR at FRAMEbar
Reservations Highly Recommended!
Walk-ins for Table, Bar Seats and Patio Seating always welcome!