A Mink Preview Dinner with Cameron Rolka


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frame presents A Mink Preview with Chef Cameron Rolka
When you know, you know…and the Chefs behind Detroit’s Marrow know what we want to eat & drink right now. Which brings us to our next chef-residency, an official sneak-peek preview of the team’s hotly-anticipated Corktown concept, MINK, with Chef Cameron Rolka, slated to make its debut this fall. An unpretentious vibe, an 80s soundtrack, stellar wine, seafood, produce focused on the hyper seasonality of Detroit’s urban agriculture and sustainable meats from Marrow – what more can we ask for? You shouldn’t miss this one!
Menu  { 1st } Seafood and Vegetable Platter roll mops / smoked oysters / anchovy butter / confit fennel and cucumber / Moldovan eggplant / pickled vegetables / toasts { 2nd } Cholodnik chilled beetroot soup / cucumber / beet marinated quail egg / soft herbs { 3rd } Savory Buckwheat Blini and Sturgeon Caviar lardons /  onions / currants / golden raisin mustard { 4th } Lamb Pelmeni blistered tomato and plum sauce / shallot / mint / chive /  basil / smetana { 5th } Three Layer Cake cherry preserve / brown butter crumb / tvorog ice cream
Friday, September 6th 5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings $60 per person + tax and service fee Included: A 5-course preview by Chef Cameron Rolka of Corktown’s new Mink.  Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s resident wine director and sommelier, Bryan Lamorena. ++ a la- carte beer, wine, and frame cocktails.
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