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Chef Natalia "Boa" Rosario Chef


Latin Italian Dinner Party with Chef Natalia 'Boa' Rosario of Food Network's Ciao House Frame & FRAMEbar > Latin Italian Dinner Party with Chef Natalia ‘Boa’ Rosario of Food Network’s Ciao House

Schooled in the kitchens of chefs Elena Reygadas (50 best female chefs) of Mexico City’s famed Rosetta and Grant Achatz’s Next (Chicago’s Alinea Group)…
Mark your calendars to meet: Chicago’s Chef Natalia “Boa” Rosario.

Natalia’s uplifting flavors are underpinned by razor sharp fine-dining technique. But make no mistake, the super fun, super tasty crossover creations she’s bringing to Frame next month, are all her own.

Growing up in Puerto Rico. And moving to Mexico City as a teenager ( where she studied culinary arts), Natalia has a knack, so rarely seen, to seamlessly blend flavors from such very different cultures.

With TV stints on Chopped Next Gen and Beat Bobby Flay. Natalia swept the competition on Food Network’s Ciao House, a series shot on-location in Italy, where 10 chefs lived together training with renowned Italian master chefs. Garnering an immersive culinary education across Italy, from real-life nonnas to head butchers of centuries-old family businesses.

Driven by her Italian mastery and fueled by her heritage, it’s a huge privilege to welcome Natalia into the Frame fold with a dinner party of contemporary Italian dishes fused with wildly authentic Latin flavors.
Prepare for : ‘Squid Ink Rotolo with Huitlacoche and Mascarpone’; ‘Focaccia with Pressed Pork Chicharron and Nduja’; ‘Asparagus Shaved Artichoke Salad with Xoconostle Cactus and Yuca’; ‘Almond Flan Amaro Chocolate Cake with Hibiscus Tuille and Cinnamon Smoke.’

With of course, a cocktail and wine takeover of equal creativity by Frame’s Diego Aliste and Adam Accivatti.
It’s an art form to make delicious food and drink this compelling and wildly casual at the same time.

Latin Italian Dinner Party Menu

( Prima )
Focaccia with Pressed Pork Chicharron
(Chicharron Prensado)
Nduja , Thyme Gel, Thyme Tips

( Due )
Asparagus and Shaved Artichoke Salad
Xoconostle Cactus Fruit Sorbet, Yuca (Taro)

( Tre )
Squid Ink Rotolo
Ricotta, Swiss Chard, Huitlacoche, Mascarpone

( Quattro )
Chicken Braciole
Mushrooms, Spinach, Sundried Tomatoes, Pancetta, White Mole

( Detergente per il Palato)
Beet Tube Cannoli
Roasted Lemon Cream, Lychee Powder, Bergamot Gel

( Finalmente )
Almond Flan Amaro Chocolate Cake
Caramelized Banana, Hibiscus Tuille 
Cinnamon Smoke