Korean BBQ and Karaoke with Pink Flamingo's Meiko Krishok
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Chef Meiko Krishok Chef Pink Flamingo & Guerrilla Foods


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Get ready to eat and sing your heart out!

Meiko Krishok of Pink Flamingo & GUERRILLA FOOD uses her culinary brilliance as a tool for resistance against societal and individual illness. By day, she serves farm-to-table meals at her charming Pink Flamingo To Go in Detroit’s Palmer Park neighborhood, producing astonishing food from a tiny space, growing out of her popular Pink Flamingo Thursday nights in North Corktown.

For one very special midsummer Saturday, Chef Meiko and her team return to Frame to honor our local bounty, alongside you, our dear guests.

Introducing: Korean BBQ and Karaoke, pairing Meiko’s fresh and local approach to K-BBQ with the unbridled energy of a Seoul noraebang, where copious amounts of food and free-flowing booze fuel the audience-led entertainment. (Just make sure you tell us what song you’d like to sing in the Additional Comments section after Checkout.)

Meiko’s getting the party started with fried squash blossom pakora, overflowing platters of Korean grilled short ribs, little cups of freshly made banchan to fill the rest of the table, and grilled peaches with sweet corn ice cream and black sesame crumble for dessert. Plus: an entire plant-based alternative menu for those looking for something lighter.

With both a standard and vegan option for this experience,
Chef is giving our bodies exactly what they’re asking for.
Do the logical thing and book now; you can always tell your friends they’re coming for BBQ and karaoke later.

No one’s gonna be mad. We promise.

++ Choose Standard or Vegan at Checkout ++

{  First  }

Fried Squash Blossom
Stuffed w/Cashew Cheese, Basil, Pepitas, Chili Oil

{ Banchan }

Fresh Okra Kimchi
Soy-Glazed Potatoes
Sunchoke & Sweet Potato
Tomatoes & Roasted Beets
Miso-Walnut Dressing, Herbs, Preserved Lemon

{ Ssam }

Korean Grilled Short Rib
w/Perilla Leaves & Kimchi 

< or >

Vegan Option
Soy-Glazed Grilled Eggplant
w/King Oyster Mushrooms

Ssam Fixings
Purple Rice, Ssamjang, Pickled Onion, Garlic, Lettuce, Herbs

{ Dessert }
Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Perilla Leaf, Black Sesame Crumble