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frame presents  Journeyman Distillery Spirit and Dinner Experience with Journeyman Distillery
Variety, handcrafted spirits and Midwest organic ingredients motivate us. Three reasons why we’re excited to welcome Journeyman Distillers from Three Oaks (3.5 hours due west near the south Lake Michigan Shore) to frame for an immersive evening based on Journeyman’s hand-bottled certified all organic spirits. Journeyman will be in-house crafting spirit-forward cocktails while four dinner courses will be designed to complement by Chef Rebecca LaMalfa. Everything about this evening is natural.  Come along for the adventure focused on…you guessed it, spirit.
MENU {  welcome cocktail  } White Rum Manhattan roads end rum  •  blanc vermouth  •  bitter lime   {  first  } eat green garlic fritter imbibe red arrow vodka  •  white balsamic  •  thyme shrub  •  shaved cucumber {  second  } eat grilled radicchio  •  poached egg  •  bagna cauda  •  rye crumb imbibe white whiskey  •  Dolin Genepy Des Alps  •  whipped egg white  •  spiced sweet lime supremes   {  third  } eat seared scallops  •  spring vegetable ragout  •  miso polenta imbibe bilberry blackhearts gin  •  fresh spinach juice  •  lemongrass cordial   {  fourth  } eat green tea rice pudding  •  sour cherry preserves  •  candied sesame  •  umeboshi imbibe silver cross four-grain whiskey  •  fresh peach cordial
Saturday, May 18th 5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings $68 per person + tax and service fee Included: Four-course immersive spirits and dinner experience with Chef Rebecca LaMalfa and 5 crafted cocktails created by Journeyman Distillery. Additional: If you choose to partake in additional cocktails, beer, and wine they will be available. Add-on: An 11:00am one-hour Whiskey Tasting Experience focusing on 5 Journeyman spirits with a Journeyman Glencairn glass to take home, for you home bar.
Tickets on sale now.