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Havana Cocina & Cuban Bar with Sunshine and John Martinez
Sunshine and John Martinez of K Bueno

Chefs Sunshine and John Martinez Chefs K Bueno


Havana Cocina & Cuban Bar with Sunshine and John Martinez Frame & FRAMEbar > > Havana Cocina & Cuban Bar with Sunshine and John Martinez

Croquettes, Pastelitos, Medianoche (the famous Cuban sandwich staple served in Havana’s nightclubs), Lechon Asado, Enchilado de Camarones (Shrimp Stew in Spanish Creole Sauce) Maduro (Sweet Ripened Fried Plantains), and oh so much more!

Get ready to swoon over Sunshine and John Martinez, who journeyed from Cuban Miami just over a year ago, now bringing everything we crave about Cuban culture and Cuban street food from their home, straight to ours.

Vintage decor, vibey beats, and a mega Cuban Bar takeover by Frame’s Diego Aliste and Adam Accivatti that will take you back in time from pre-Revolutionary Cuba to present-day Miami.

This is Havana, served just like Abuela’s, but done Frame-style


<< To Start >>
Ham Croquettes
Beef Pastelitos
Gauva & Cheese Pastelitos
Roast Pork, Sweet Ham, Swiss Cheese,
Pickles, Mustard, Mayo, Sweet Cuban Roll

<< The Main Event >>
Lechon Asado
24-Hour Marinated Oven Roasted Pork
Enchilado de Camarones
Shrimp Stew in Spanish Creole Sauce
Slow-Cooked Ground Beef
with Homemade Tomato based Sauce, Spices, and Olives
Sweet-Ripened Fried Plantain
Yuca Root
with House Made Onion, Garlic Sauce
Frijoles Negros

Homemade Cuban Black Beans & Rice

<< The Dessert >>
Homemade Gauva Cheesecake