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Fried Chicken Frenzy - May Lou's
Ma Lou's

Chef K.C. Knipple Chef Ma Lou's


Fried Chicken Frenzy with Ypsilanti's Ma Lou's Frame & FRAMEbar > > Fried Chicken Frenzy with Ypsilanti’s Ma Lou’s

A local fried chicken shop… but not as you know it.
Prepare to swoon over Ypsilanti’s Ma Lou‘s, which scores major (comfort) food points with its whimsical menu,
taking the humble bird to Nashville-Style high-flying standards.
The secret is in the quality of the chicken itself and the pedigree of the team behind the fryer.

Built on sharable plates built for two…
Think : three-cheese shells with Pinconning cheddar and Cheeto dust, brussels with Traverse City cherries,
biscuit doughnuts with wildberry compote, and banana pudding brûlée.
Grab your besties and prepare to wash down with summer cocktails and local beers.

August Birthdays. Fried Chicken Fridays. Because It’s Just Finger-Licking’ Good.
You are going to love this.


{  To Start  }
Pimento Cheese-Collard Green Dip

{ The Main Event  }
Nashville-Style Whole Chicken

Housemade Pickles
Brussels Sprouts
Sunflower Kernels, Traverse City Cherries
Three-Cheese Shells
Pinconning Cheddar, Smoked Onion, Swiss, Cheeto Dust

{   The Sweet Ending   }
Ma Lou’s Biscuit Doughnuts
Wild Berry Compote, Buttermilk Glaze
Banana Pudding Brûlée
‘Nilla Waffer Streusel