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A French-Moroccan Feast with Brandon Zarb


A French-Moroccan Feast with Brandon Zarb Frame & FRAMEbar > A French-Moroccan Feast with Brandon Zarb

frame presents A French-Moroccan Feast with Chef Brandon Zarb supporting Original Creativity and Detroit’s NW Goldberg neighborhood
Brandon Zarb can cook. After numerous sold-out dinners at frame, this we know, but there’s more than steaming clay Moroccan tagines ( traditional dome-shaped earthenware pots )  filled with succulent lamb meatballs and stewed tomatoes here. This is an evening of philanthropic effort as we gather as a fundraiser to improve Detroit’s NW Goldberg neighborhood.  Quickly carving out a reputation as the next neighborhood in resurgence, NW Goldberg is plotted on the west side of Detroit, with community boundaries of John C. Lodge, I-94 expressways, West Grand Boulevard, and Grand River. As part of its reawakening, frame opens up its communal chef space to Chef Brandon Zarb and his partners for the evening,  ORIGINAL CREATIVITY, a 501(c)(3), who are on a mission to NW Goldberg’s revitalization, by focusing on three community pillars. Business. incubating a culture that gives back to its community and favors entrepreneurship. Community. cultivating through interactive programming and creating safe spaces for residents. And Family. increasing the value of housing stock in the NW Goldberg neighborhood by removing blight and improving residential, community and commercial structures. So what to do now to support?  Simple.  A Moroccan spiced meal of shared artisan tagines on each frame table laden with slow-cooked savory proteins and vegetables, soundtracks overhead, a hefty wine list, and charitable giving. This makes for one chivalrous evening. In that quintessential, big-hearted French way. Proceeds from this French-Moroccan Feast by Brandon Zarb will support ORIGINAL CREATIVITY’S foremost initiative, 6102. ART PARK. A community space for residents with art installations and murals that celebrate Detroit’s NW Goldberg neighborhood’s history and future.

+++ MENU +++ {  mezze  } skillet bread / olives with harissa / chickpea spread/ lemon yogurt / tapenade / goat briouat {  grilled sardines } green harissa / lemon saffron vinaigrette / tapenade {  kefta tagine  } free-range eggs / lamb meatballs / stewed tomatoes {  sweet  } lemon crème bruleesesame shortbread / mint tea

Saturday, April 6th 5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings $60 per person + tax and service fee Included: 5 Courses of French-Moroccan cuisine by Chef Brandon Zarb with proceeds going to NW Goldberg neighborhood and Original Creativity’s 6102. ART PARK. Additional: wine, beer and frame cocktails.
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