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MR GOOD BAR at FRAMEbar by Ann Arbor's Sidebiscuit Frame & FRAMEbar > > MR GOOD BAR at FRAMEbar by Ann Arbor’s Sidebiscuit

Vintage football and vintage spirits reign supreme as February’s FRAMEbar is reborn into a treasured playground of culinarily rich, “only in Buffalo” Western New York pub fare.

Meet: MR GOOD BAR, helmed by Chef Jordan Balduf of Ann Arbor’s Sidebiscuit.
A proud Buffalonian, Chef is raising the bar on real-deal, true-to-style Buffalo chicken wings, a classic from his hometown, each bite crackling in harmonious relationship with its next-level sauces: Korean, Thai, 24-hour Marinated Caramel Fish Sauce with Fried Garlic, and of course the benchmark Frank’s & Butter for the purists. Plus tailored accompaniments from pickled tomatoes and house kimchi to celery, carrot, and bleu. The results are pure dreamy Americana indulgence.

Here, swank ’70s handheld football games and a retro game room setting provide us the perfect backdrop for a month of spirit-forward throwback cocktails alongside Chef’s not-to-miss tribute to Beef on Weck. We’re talking rare wagyu beef on a house-made duck-fat kummelweck roll encrusted with Maldon salt, caraway seeds, beet horseradish, and au jus for dipping.

With all things Western NY, it’s only fitting that this month’s rotating drink menu screams regionality to pair, making clever use of top shelf Long Island’s, pork belly washed mezcal old fashioned’s, house made pickle brine chasers, draft Pimms Cups, celery soda, and New York wines.
FRAMEbar in February may in fact be the only place in town where you can pair house-made pork rinds, fried to order and tossed in Frame furikake, with a hand-selected bottle of Finger Lakes Riesling.

Continuing to create a Frame culture that cultivates community and an ever-changing line-up of talent, MR GOOD BAR is a living, breathing ode to Western New York’s rich story, which makes the simple pleasure of sitting at the bar with a drink and a chicken wing (with hand-shaved black truffles) feel like pure luxury.

Bonus: Superbowl Take & Bake Wings and Side Biscuits
Package Includes: Five black sesame biscuits with togarashi and miso butters 
Plus forty fully cooked wings with tailored accompaniments and four to-die-for dipping sauces:
OG Buffalo; Gucci Gangl; Go BLUEberry BBQ; Frame Furikake
Place Your Orders by Friday February 10th at Midnight. Pick Up Orders Saturday Night, February 11th.
Reheating instructions included! 


February 1st – February 26th, 2023
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House-Made Pork Rinds
Crispy Chicharrones fried to order tossed in Mission Sichuan or Frame Furikake
Crispy Chickpeas
Fried Garbanzo Beans tossed in Mission Sichuan or Frame Furikake
Buffalo Banchan
Seasonal Assorted Pickles, Kimchis, and Sides
Miso Cucumber Salad
English Cucumbers, Shiro Miso vinaigrette, Lucha Puerco Macha Crunch,
Jalapeño, Fried Shallot, Nori, Chili Thread, Sesame
Broiled Napa Cabbage, Korean Caesar, Shrimp Panko, Fried Shallot,
Thai basil, Black Garlic Oil
Spanish White Anchovies
Buffalo WedgeSalad
Iceberg, House Bleu, Maggi-Pickled Tomatoes, Scallion, Nueske’s Bacon
Beef on Weck 
Rare Wagyu Beef on House-Made Duck-Fat Kummelweck Roll
Encrusted with Maldon Salt, Caraway Seeds
Beet Horseradish Au Jus
Pork Bossam for Two
Roasted Sakura Pork Shoulder & Berkshire Pork Belly Gucci Gang-Glazed
Lettuce Wraps, Bao, Ginger Scallion, Ssamjang, Scallion Salad, Purple Sesame Rice, Banchan
Buffalonian Chicken Wings
Sauce/Dry rub of choice served with Tailored Accompaniment 
6, 10, or 20 wings
Hand-Shaved Black Truffles
Tempeh Fingers
Fried Tempeh from Ann Arbor’s The Brinery
Sauce / Dry Rub of Choice Served with Tailored Accompaniment 
The Sauces
OG Buffalo | benchmark Frank’s & butter | celery, carrot, bleu
Truffalo | Buffalo base, garlic confit, truffle oil, hand-shaved black truffles | celery, carrot, bleu
Fish Sauce Caramel | 24-hour marinated, Megachef caramel, fried garlic, herbs | pickled tomatoes
Gucci Gang Gochujang | gochujang, tamer, sesame, scallion | house kimchi
Kaeser | Korean Caesar, shrimp panko, fried shallot, Thai bail | house kimchi
Go Blueberry | five-spice blueberry bbq | celery, carrot, bleu
Mission Sichuan Dry Rub |13 spice MaLa Rub, chicharrones, Thai chilis | Sichuan cucumbers
Frame Furikake Dry Rub | tare glaze, nori, bonito, puffed rice | Sichuan cucumbers
Rotating Buffalonian Chicken Wings
with Ann Arbor Sister Pop-Ups
Lucha Puerco, Basil Babe, Juicy Oistre
Rotating SideBiscuits of the Week

Mexican Street Corn Drop Biscuit
Charred Corn, Cotija, Cilantro, Tajin, Cilantro-Lime Crema, Morita Compound Butter
Buttermilk Black Sesame Biscuit
Tillamook Cheddar Drop Biscuit with Parsley, Creole Pimento Cheese and Compound Old Bay Butter
Southern Buttermilk King Cake Biscuit
Laminated Biscuit with NOLA Sanding Sugar with Dueling Compotes of Apple and Strawberry
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Biscuit Bits
Fried Biscuit Dough, Five-Spice Sugar, Condensed Milk
Bleu Bleu Cheesecake
with Ann Arbor Sister Pop-Up EK’s Cheesecake
Golden Oreo Crust, Roth Bleu Cheese, Blueberry, Walnuts, Lemon, Blueberry Port Compote