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Chicagoans James Gray and Jacob Hagan, the visionary duo behind Farrand Hall, were never planning to set roots in the unexpected tiny town of Colon, MI ( the St.Joseph County borders Indiana). But when an 1800’s private historic grand home came into the picture and the couples interests were piqued : hospitality, art, information science, food; they left city life for greener pastures, metaphorically and literally. The historic estate sits on 12 acres of farmland.

Fast forward, now six years in, James and Jacob have slowly built the Farrand Hall brand, fully invested in building their company around food, lifestyle, country living, and gathering.

Taking a trek from their communal tables to join our culinary caravan of communal tables, we’re flattered to welcome Farrand Hall’s Chef Donte Shaw to take over our open kitchen and do what we both do best.
Celebrate universal human conversation: over a meal.

Honoring the hardworking hands that feed us: mindful meat ranchers, mushroom farmers, cheese-mongers, artisans, vintners …our Frame dining room is rebuilt every morning to create a new experience every night.
And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Frame community…we can’t wait for you to meet Farrand Hall whose coming to ‘Smoke Stracciatella’; ‘Roast Duck from The Catskill Mountains’; “Create Tartare from Complex Vaca Vieja Beef’; and “Craft Chocolate Tres Leche with Caramelized Goat’s Milk and Coco Pebbles.’

We’re Kindred Spirits.


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Grilled Focaccia
Smoked Stracciatella, Giardiniera, Olive Oil, Carrot Vinegar

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Short Rib Tartare

Vaca Vieja Short Rib, Crispy Hoosier Fries, Roasted Bone Marrow Fat Aioli
+ Vaca (Spanish for cow) Vieja, grass-fed beef from mature cows is the melt in your mouth secret to this flavor bomb +

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Wild Mushroom Tarte
Sweet Caramelized Onion Jam, Seasonal Mushrooms, Purslane

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Hudson Valley Duck
Barbecue Duck Breast, Hazelnut, Foie Mousse Beignet, Roasted Duck Caramel, Duck Skin Crunch
+ Moulard ducks each individually raised under strict guidelines for wholesomeness
in the Catskill Mountains, a two-hour drive from New York City +

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Chocolate Tres Leche
Violet Sky Chocolate Milk, Cajeta, Torched Coco Fluff, Coco Pebbles