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The Art of Japanese Sushi with Chef Nick George of Dr. Sushi


The Art of Japanese Sushi with Chef Nick George of Dr. Sushi Frame & FRAMEbar > The Art of Japanese Sushi with Chef Nick George of Dr. Sushi

frame @ home (wednesdays) presents The Art of Japanese Sushi with Chef Nick George of Dr. Sushi
Returning to our Wednesday frame @ home series; we’re honored to reintroduce beloved chef Nick George, guru of “conscious hospitality” and masterful culinary artist. Cultivating a splendid community of modern Japanese followers at his Detroit pop-up Dr. Sushi, Chef Nick brings two weeks of his picture-perfect cooking techniques, straight to the frame kitchen. Week one, a Traditional Bento Box– neatly packed with a variety of intricately prepared classic bites. Think: Upper Peninsula Ikura served over rice with House Cured Salmon Roe, Great Lakes Ceviche, Yuzu Daikon Pickles, and Asian California Rolls with Silver Carp from the Mississippi River. And week two, a Winter Bento: Kaisendon – assorted Sashimi over white rice, slow-roasted Japanese Yam, sautéed and simmered root vegetables and house-made Miso Soup. Packed full of flavor and wildly healthy…Bento and Booze. Ding-Dong. Dinner Is Done. Here’s to frame@home where there is no hassle, no fuss, all delicious. and most importantly, no dishes.

(frame @ home Wednesdays) The Art of Japanese Sushi Dinners 

Menu #1 – March 10th FRESHWATER BENTO 

( 01 ) Upper Peninsula Ikura + Planetary Chicken Egg over Rice House Cured Salmon Roe

( 02 ) Great Lakes Ceviche Citrus Cured Northern Fish (Chef selection based on seasonal availability) Pickled Root Vegetables, Cilantro, Onion

( 03 ) Shisamo Nanbanzuke Fried, Lightly Pickled Smelt

( 04 ) Yuzu Daikon Pickles

( 05 ) Asian Carp California Roll Silver Carp from the Mississippi River, Avocado, Cucumber


Menu #2 – March 24th WINTER SET

( 01 ) Kaisendon Assorted Sashimi over White Rice

( 02 ) Yakiimo Slow Roasted Japanese Yam

( 03 ) Winter Kinpira Sautéed and Simmered Root Vegetables

( 04 ) Miso Soup

(frame @ home Wednesdays) The Art of Sushi Japanese at Home with Chef Nick George $48 per person  Pickup Wednesday, March 10th and 24th  Pick-up times 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm behind our frame building Choose 6:15 pm to pick-up at a TBD Woodward location in Birmingham. Please stay in your car, and our team will bring your frame@home box(es) out to you. Add on cocktail carafes and wine from frame bar to round out your Wednesday nights by Jaz’min Weaver.
Covid Protocols at frame As we make our way into March please know that our response plan includes every measure of the protocol on workplace infection-control practice and health and safety training for both yurt dining and frame@home chef dinners. We’re continuing to keep extremely conscious of the role we play in minimizing the spread of coronavirus. Pre-Covid canceled frame tickets: If you have a frame credit that you would like to use for a frame@home dinner, please email us here, and we will happily honor your credit. Give the gift of frame @ home!  Forget sending flowers! Be that friend and send a gorgeous sushi dinner! Make someone’s night really easy and delicious by clicking HERE.
On sale now for a March 10th and 24th Pickup!