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A Diwali Celebration. The Ultimate Once-A-Year Treat with Chef Preeti Sidhu Frame & FRAMEbar > , > A Diwali Celebration. The Ultimate Once-A-Year Treat with Chef Preeti Sidhu

Diwali, the five-day Hindu autumn festival of lights celebrated by Indian and South Asian diasporic communities comes our way next month — and we’re celebrating with boundless passion with none other than Frame-favorite chef Preeti Sidhu.

With a menu laden with lost recipes from the kitchen of Maharaja of Patiala, Preeti shares her rich culture bringing us into this late-October, once-a-year customary treat. Two nights only in our humble abode.

Music fit for the holiday, ornate lanterns, laughter, color, light, and you.
Plus a small box of traditional Diwali sweets to take home from chef as part of this vibrant celebration.
As ever, all are welcome.

Diwali Dinner Party Menu
++ Both a Standard and Vegetarian Menu Available at Checkout ++

{{ FIRST }}
Chaat Canvas
Burrata chaat
Burrata, Tomato Chutney, Coriander Chutney,
Tamarind Chutney, Sweet Yoghurt, Crisp Papadi
Fried Puffed Crisp Puri, Potato, Black Chickpeas,
Tamarind Chutney, Mint Water
Potato, Green Peas, Coriander Chutney

{{ NEXT }}
Khushk Mahi Kebab
Fish Kebabs Cooked over Slow Heat, Milk, Coriander Chutney
Khaam Khatai
++ vegetarian ++
Green Mung Bean Lentil Kebabs,
Cashew, Green Chilies, Khoya, Coriander Chutney

{{ THEN }}
Raarha Meat 
Lamb Chops, Minced Lamb, Spices, Yoghurt
Khubani Malai Kofta 
++ vegetarian ++
Paneer, Potato, Apricots, Cashew Tomato Curry
Dal Makhani, Boondi Raita, Pickled Onion Salad, Naan

{{ WITH }}
Kulfi Flooda
Kewra essence Indian Ice Cream,
Sweet Noodles, Rose Syrup, Nuts
Paan Macaron
After-Dinner Digestive made from Betel Leaves, Rose Preserve.
Kashmiri Tea Made with Cardamon, Saffron, Cinnamon, Almonds
{{ In India on Diwali there is an exchange of sweets with friends and family }}
{ from chef to take home }
Gulabjamun Macarons and Red Velvet Motichoor Ladoos