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Advanced Yiouth Dinner - Detroit Food Academy

Detroit Food Academy


Detroit Food Academy 'Advanced Youth Dinner' led by Chefs Jermond Booze & Le'Genevieve Squires Frame & FRAMEbar > , , , > Detroit Food Academy ‘Advanced Youth Dinner’ led by Chefs Jermond Booze & Le’Genevieve Squires

At Frame, we blossom at the opportunity to cultivate the next generation of culinary leaders.
So when Detroit Food Academy, the 501(c)(3) non-profit that inspires and empowers young Detroiter’s through culinary arts and food entrepreneurship, reached out for us to host their end-of-school fundraiser to support their programs, we literally jumped at the call.

For one special May weekend in Frame’s open kitchen, DFA Advanced Youth students, overseen by facilitator Chefs Jermond Booze (of Taste the Diaspora and Vinyl Tasting) and Le’Genevieve Squires (Relish), will experience the rush of preparing a coursed out Frame experience. Putting into hands-on practice the valuable skills they’ve been honing all year: cooking, marketing, community engagement. As advanced program students, together they designed this imaginative conceptual menu, start to finish with dishes created around three-timely-themes close to their hearts : Cartoons, Pride and Palestine.

Think playful dishes from the likes of: ‘Krabby Patties’, curried lump crab and shrimp Jamaican patties; ‘Lentil meatballs in herbaceous broth; ‘ Banchan’ with halal bulgogi beef, bulgogi eggplant, sticky mushrooms, pickled zucchini, garlicky green beans;’ and ‘Rainbow Nuomici’ filled with strawberry rhubarb chocolate ganache.
Clear your calendars and come mingle with these incredible students and Frame fave, DFA Executive Director – Kiki Louya – as your infectious enthusiasm – will truly make a difference.

Supper, Students, Sipping, Support
This is a Detroit Food Academy Fundraising Dinner Experience.
Anyway You Cut This One, We’re Making a Positive Impact on the Youth and the Future of Our City.

Detroit Food Academy ‘Advanced Youth Dinner’

(( snack to start ))
Vegan Rice Paper Pork Rind Trail Mix

(( then ))
Krabby Patty
Curried lump crab and shrimp Jamaican patty, citrus-ginger aioli, seaweed salad

(( plus ))
Purple Dayz
Roasted purple potatoes & cauliflower salad,
lemon mustard tahini, za’atar, fresh herbs

(( with ))
Herbal Healing
Lentil meatballs in an herbaceous broth, crispy chickpeas

(( and ))
Banchan Cookout
Onigiri rice balls, halal bulgogi beef, bulgogi eggplant, sticky mushrooms,
cucumber salad, pickled zucchini, braised greens,
garlicky green beans, crispy yams

(( finally ))
Rainbow Nuomici 
Filled with strawberry rhubarb chocolate ganache